Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Double Trouble

We now have two teeth! The other one popped up on Sunday, and boy must it be bothering her. At least that's what I am attributing her recent melt downs to. It doesn't really seem to be bothering her at night, but she is totally clingy and is going through MAJOR stranger danger. Maybe it has nothing to do with teeth and is just "a stage," but I hope it passes soon. I love my babe, but this whole crying and thrashing business gets old fast! I am already picturing the clashes we may have later in life as my little princess gets more strong willed. Lord, help me!

On that note, it comes as no surprise that she is EXTREMELY determined to stand.I mean, this child is not happy unless she is standing. I leave her alone for a second and she is propped up on something or she is stuck in the squating position on the floor. Not sure if this is a sign of early walking, but I am exhausted. It's like I'm a human jungle gym! I didn't even realize how used to this I was until the other night when she was "playing" on my lap (i.e., climbing up my chest, grabbing my face, pulling my hair, and pinching my neck), and Jeff was like, "Be nice to your Mommy, Emma." He then gives me a kiss and says, "Lisa, are you okay?" Honestly, I didn't even realize that anything out of the ordinary was going on. This is what we do ALL.DAY.LONG. As long as those nails are cut, I'm good!:o)

Emma's turns 8 months on Friday. Can you believe it? I can't - it's crazy how fast this has all gone by. People always tell you that, but like everything in Mommyland, you don't believe it's true until you've experienced it. Nine months used to seem so far away and now it's just around the corner.

I haven't really taken a ton of photos lately, but here's a few of her playing with her favorite "toys." Who needs Fisher Price?


JD said...

Here's a piece of advice - do NOT buy tub toys. Apparently only cups and empty shampoo bottles are fun to play with while taking a bath - definitely not the $50 worth of misc. tub toys we've bought over the years:)

She's a doll! It won't be long before she doesn't want anything to do with sitting on your lap or crawling up your chest, so try to relish in the "cuddle" time now, because it will be over before you know it (I know that's easier said than done, but you can try, right?)

Love you guys!

Mama C-ta said...

Two teef! Yay, and look at all her hair!!!! It's really coming in thick and is it strawberry blonde or is that just the photo?? She is such a cutie!

Funny you mention the human jungle gym. I too am numb to the hair pulling, flesh grabbing as well. Well...I'm not so great at keeping up w/the nail trimming so I'm not as numb to it as I can be.

Julian is in the clingy phase right now too and it does get a little tiring. Flattering but at the same time I just want to wash some dishes w/out a kid hanging from my leg fussing! His dad is right there putting on a circus show and he still only wants to hang from me! Well like the previous comment, there will be times when we wish they want to hang off of us so I guess I should enjoy it. But jeeeez, give a Mama a break every now and then :)

7 days and counting!!! Sounds like are babies will be nice and easy going in time for our visit, hehe ;)

Jennie said...

"People always tell you that, but like everything in Mommyland, you don't believe it's true until you've experienced it."

Well said. :)

One of the reasons I just got a major hair cut is to avoid all that clambering using my hair to pull up on.