Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Belly, Books, and The Baby

All is going pretty darn good in Emmaland these days. There were more than a few days the last 2 weeks when I thought the nap fairy was going to rob me of Emma's morning snooze, but alas, it least for now. I ended up just moving her two naps up a half hour later, and we are now back on track.

Another factor may have been her medicine. At her 12-month well baby appointment (when she was actually sick, but that's another story), we decided to finish up her Prevacid and take her off of it to see if that magic 1-year reflux button shut off. The first few days were promising, but then I started noticing the old signs I had started to forget ever existed -- the "urping," the random choking, the hiccups, the uncomfortable squirming when I try to put her down for a nap (and inability to fall asleep), and the whole binkie in and out of the mouth thing during soothing. Plus, she was very spastic, just like when she was a baby -- her legs constantly swinging and her need to grab onto everything and anything that might provide comfort -- including my skin.

It's strange because she has never really cried about the reflux; she just always seems uncomfortable. It's almost as if she doesn't understand that it's not normal to have acid burning her throat. That she has a right to be upset about it. And that she doesn't have to tough it out. But she tries to deal with it, which just breaks my heart.

So Jeff and I made the executive decision to put her back on the medicine, but only once a day (instead of twice a day) It seems to be going well so far. We figure we'll slowly get her body used to being without the medicine instead of just cutting it off cold turkey. And while I am NOT a medicine person, I can't stand the thought of her hurting.

Once she was back on the medicine, her naps were suddenly back to "normal," although this was also the same time I tried the whole 30 min later thing, so who knows. The other symptoms have diminished as well, so I feel good about our decision. Hopefully the reflux button will turn itself off soon so no meds are necessary, and she can finally eat some more yummy foods!

The doctor appt. also revealed that our peanut is about 25th percentile in weight and 75th in height. I'm okay with the weight thing because I KNOW this girl eats enough. I was concerned about protein, but we just added turkey to her diet and I plan to try eggs next week. That might add a few pounds in the next few months, but I have a feeling that our Emma is going to be on the small side because a.) she never stops moving; b.) she never stops moving, and c.) she never stops moving. I think she was just born with a fast metabolism.

As far as height, I think she's more in the 50th percentile because I swear the measuring tactics they use are about as inaccurate as you can get. At her 9-mo, they said she was 31 inches, which put her in like the billionth percentile. Emma then decided to, uh, shrink down to 28.5 for her 12-mo measuring. Noticing something was wrong here, the doctor re-measured and Emma had managed to grow to 30 inches again in a matter of 20 minutes. Amazing, huh?! My guess is that she's more like 29.5 inches, but hey, I'm just the mom.

We are sticking to her hypoallergenic formula until 15 months, and then we will try soy milk. The doctor suggested we wait until 2 years to introduce dairy, and I agree. We haven't tried soy anything yet, but I'll get there eventually. I'm just slowly expanding her diet. It took about 4 days to get her body used to turkey, so I'm not rushing into anything. If we get past eggs, I'll be happy!

On a more fun note, Emma is really starting to become a little person. She loves to dance any time music comes on and has a few new dance moves. Her knee bouncing has now turned into head swaying, turning around in circles, and clasping her hands together and rapidly moving them up and down. Sometimes she does all three moves at once, and sometimes it's just a simple head bop during lunch. As long as music is playing, she is always ready to rock.

She also just started to stack blocks, as opposed to just knocking them down. She brings me books constantly and plops on my lap so I can read them to her. The current fav is Five Little Ladybugs. Thanks to Grandma's fun interpretation of this lovely story -- which involves hand movements and silly voices to match -- I now get to read the book 20 times a day. And refusal is just not an option. Distraction, perhaps, but refusal, forget it. I think this book might have to go into hiding in the next couple of days while mama regains a little sanity... :o)

Oh, and the Itty Bitty baby. She LOVES her baby to no end. I don't know what's normal for 1-year-olds, but she kisses and loves on that baby as if it was her own. She may be a busy, active little lady, but she has such a soft, sweet side to her that it makes my heart just melt. There is nothing more gratifying than watching your child express love. I know she will be a wonderful, caring sibling some day.

Now that the rain has finally stopped, Emma really enjoys playing outside in her new car and empty sand box. Yes, I said empty. We're waiting until next year to add the sand -- I guess I'm just not ready to add that to her diet yet... The house she received has yet to be put together because a certain Dada thinks we should wait until next year, while a certain Mama disagrees. Stay tuned for who wins that one...

I'll close with a few pix of Emma with her baby and comfy Elmo couch, another favorite toy. And did I mention she was climbing???

"Wherever she goes, I go..."



Yes, I gave in and put in a Baby Einstein DVD so we could eat dinner in peace, but of course we just stared at her the whole time...she's just too dang cute!



kkoois said...

adorable pictures! she looks like quite the little character. and don't worry about the baby einstein...that's how elise learned how to sign. of course, she didn't learn any useful words, but she can use sign language to tell us all about the piano, window, cat, clock, etc.

hope the reflux goes away soon. elise's did right around the one year mark. hopefully emma's will be gone as well.

JD said...

Love reading your updates - I can remember back to when my girls were there and also look forward to when Georgia will get there:)

We hid Green Eggs & Ham for 2 months when Nora was a year old. That book is loooong and I just couldn't take any more Sam I am... so under the washing machine it went (okay, truthfully, it accidently went under the washer, but no one complained about it - out of sight out of mind).

And the sandbox... I'm such a horrible mom because I've banned sand from being put in ours. Don't want the grit in the house, don't want the dirt on my kids. Whatever - its all about me.

Emma - so happy your mom is doing this blog thing! I love reading about you and your sweetness:)

Mama C-ta said...

Adorable pics of Emma, always a good way to close. Julian just had his 1 year app (only 2 months late) and he managed to shrink too. I don't know why they bother w/the height at this age!

I know it's not ideal but I'm happy to hear she seems to be doing well with one less dose. Heading in the right direction. It is heart breaking watching her go through that so if the meds work until her body can handle it then awesome! Let me know how the eggs go. That's one of Julian's favorite things (although he's always been more picky) but it's annoying b/c I have to COOK breakfast now and I'm not even awake then.

I've seen that girl eat and she eats so I agree the 25% isn't a big deal. Besides, look at her parents, of course she's gonna have a nice, slim figure!!

How precious is she with her little baby??

Glass Half Full said...

Hey there! I got the comment off of Advt. in Babywearing that you are having problems on my site. I switch to Blogger's new beta version and it seems like everything is screwy. I have been commenting as "other" and that works.

The photos are cute!!! :)

Glad all is well. Blessings!!

aunt jenni said...

I think you guys are doing a great job as parents! Love the photos! Holy Cow! In that last one she totally looks like us as babies! Scary!
Love You All,
Aunt Jenni

Mama C-ta said...

Hey, what time can I expect the Fashion Fridays ;) I guess it IS an hour earlier there, I'll let it slide, hehe.

I also wanted to ditto your sentiments on the sand thing. Sandboxes have been around for how long and I always wonder who thought it would be a good idea to throw kids who put everything in their mouths into a pit of sand. But sand diapers are FUN, you don't know what you are missing ;)