Thursday, December 21, 2006


I am so behind on Emma's "milestones," that I've been dreading this post. So much to write, but I know I can't possibly remember it all. Maybe that's because I should write these things down AS they happen, right?! I know, I know, I know...

So here ya go... a bulleted list of Emmaisms as of late. Enjoy!

  • Her first "clear as a bell" word is "Mommy." It sounds like a real person saying it... a little freaky actually.
  • Other real words include: Daddy, Grandma ("Maaama), Grandpa/Papa ("dop pa"), Todd, doggie ("dada"), more, all done, water, bye bye, banana ("nana"), up ("uppie"), nose, and NO! She also repeats apple and owl really well.
  • Some "non-words" that I still count: nye, nye; num, num; shhhh, mooooo, buzzzzzz
  • In case you didn't guess from above, she knows a cow goes "moo" and a bee goes "buzz"
  • She signs the words "more" and "water"... mostly because that's all we've taught her. I'm going to try to get better after the New Year!
  • We no longer walk... we just run/sprint. EVERYWHERE.
  • She gets into EVERYTHING. And I mean everything. I can't leave her alone for two seconds without fearing for her life. Honestly, she is determined to seriously hurt herself or ingest something fatal.
  • She still enjoys her books, which is very obvious by the bends, tears and chew marks they have endured these last 16 months.
  • She loves her baby more than ever. She puts her to nye, nye; feeds her; gives her some of her sippy cup; and loves on her constantly!
  • Anything even remotely furry also gets fed, kissed and is put to sleep. If she's in a really good mood, this sometimes includes non-furry things like blocks...
  • She still kisses just about anyone who asks, as long as they are not holding her. She also hugs by patting you on the back as she says, "Ahhhh."
  • She talks on her toy mobile phones by clutching them between her shoulder and her ear. Wonder where she learned that from???
  • She is a total goof ball and often runs around wiggling her head, smiling and saying, "Duba Duba Duba."
  • She will chase you around our kitchen/family room ALL.DAY.LONG.
  • She loves to dance -- this includes spinning around, kicking, shaking her arms, and we're working on shaking her butt.
  • She can do some the motions to a few songs -- "If You're Happy and You Know It," "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes," "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and "Head Knocker." My favorite is when she spins around in a circle with her fingers pointing to each cheek when we sing, "You're face will surely show it."
  • Playing outside is her absolute favorite, which makes this yucky weather a bummer. We bundle up every now and then for some playtime though.
  • One of her favorite indoor activities is climbing inside of the laundry basket while Mommy takes her for a spin!
  • She helps me load the dryer... sometimes. Ya know, when she feels like it.
  • She also knows what it means to clean up when we sing that Barney "Clean up" song, but again, only when she feels like it. Of course, that excuse will only last a few more months...

    But my absolute favorite thing is when she runs over to kiss and hug me for no reason. There is no greater gift than that! Most of the time it's when I'm acting goofy with her. I love that she has such a great sense of humor!

    I know I'm leaving out a million things, but this is all my mommy brain can remember right now. See ya'll tomorrow at Fashion Friday!!

    aunt jenni said...

    Wow! She is quite the overachiever, but, then again, we knew that already. :) I bet she would be adorable with a cute little puppy too! ;) Haha!
    Soon to be "uncle" Todd loves the fact that she can say his name perfect! I can't wait to see her on Christmas! I bet she is going to look soooooo cute! Can't wait to see you guys too, lol! Love you all!

    Amanda said...

    What in the world is "Head Knocker"????? :)

    Heaven Sent said...

    Head Knocker is a song/chant my Mom (Emma's Grandma) taught her... (and me):

    Head Knocker,
    Eye Winker,
    Nose Dropper,
    Mouth Eater,
    Chin Chopper, Chin Chopper, Chin Chopper!

    Obviously, you touch each body part as you say the words. The tickle under the chin makes her laugh every time!!!! :)

    Mama C-ta said...

    Amanda beat me to it, I was wondering what the heck Head Knocker was as well. That's cute, I'm gonna have to adopt that.

    I love the baby thing, putting her to sleep, etc. How so very sweet. I love getting those hugs w/the ahhhh too. Isn't it funny how they do the phone thing b/c I'm hardly on it and Julian has it down. Unless I'm on it more than I think!

    We need to get these kids together so they can dance and chase each other around the room all day and give us a breather. Ah well, it's fun, I admit it!

    You guys have to come visit when you can, late Spring works but so does late winter or early spring ;)

    i am not said...

    somehow i missed this post... She sounds like a lot of fun - i love this age, they're so cute and their personalities are so there already - its fun to just sit back and watch, isn't it?

    Ryann used to do the hug out of the blue for no reason thing, too - it was during her "mama must touch me for the entire hour before I take a nap" phase which lasted a lot longer than I had hoped. She would play, play, play (all while touching me even slightly) and then it was almost as if she just couldn't help herself, she had to come over for the hug. It was sweet. I can also remember the first time Nora gave me a kiss without me prompting or asking her to - i cried.

    I love reading these posts - it makes me remember what Nora and Ryann were like and look forward to experiencing it with Georgia:)