Thursday, May 31, 2007

Outsmarting Mommy

Little Miss Emma has sure been giving me a run for my money lately... yes, more than usual. Granted she is getting ALL four eye teeth at once and we have major construction going on in our kitchen (read: LIVING space!), but somehow those excuses don't seem to help in the 11th hour.

She is even starting to use my words against me... already! Case in point, Emma wants a drink of Mommy's water. Mommy says, "It's Mommy's water." Emma says, "Mommy share." Uh, okay, what do I say to that? The girl has a point. So, yes, Mommy shares.

And then there's the lovely phrase I regret teaching her, "One more time." You can imagine how much fun that has brought to our lives. The best was yesterday when it prompted a complete meltdown in front of a neighbor I was meeting for the first time. And this was a major meltdown, as in yelling, screaming, and twisting out of my arms the ENTIRE walk home. All of this while this woman's 13-month-old was taking a nap. Um, nice to meet you...

As Miss Opinionated becomes Miss Really Opinionated, I am running out of ways to outsmart her. And as my mom-in-law says, she's only one. Imagine how much she'll outsmart me in a few years. But let's not think about that.

Mommy needs some pizza.


aunt nenni said...

Mommy! So much fun! I miss you guys!

Mama C-ta said...

Talk about in sync - I've been struggling with all the phrases and lessons coming back to haunt me as well. Mommy share - that's funny. I get "Jule's turn." I can't miss a chance to teach about taking turns and sharing even though I REALLY didn't need to add more coffee beans to the coffee maker today but didn't want to imply only mommy gets a turn.

Enjoy that pizza with extra sauce. Oh how I miss it! ;) Do they ship out of state?

one hot momma said...

Can you share the pizza with me too? How many Weight Watchers points do you think half of it would be? Hang in there...soon they'll be in school and then getting out for the summer and fighting like cats and dogs on the way home from their last day of school for the whole summer...the whole long summer...but I digress...back to that pizza! How was it! This tantrum was practice for the one(well, ok, more than one) that will happen in the middle of the grocery store when you have a cart full of NECESSARY groceries and you have to pull her out of it and walk to the car...kicking and screaming and going limp in your arms. You're thinking that all the moms are judging you, but in reality we're forming a line and cheering you on...Go Momma, Be Strong, You will be the Victor! We all know how you're feeling and want you to stay strong! You can do it Momma! We're behind you clapping for you and cheering you on to victory! Now, go enjoy that pizza and know that you're a Great Momma!

New Mama's Nest said...

I'm loving that your post wrapped up with you needing some pizza! I'm with you there! And mamac-ta Gino's will ship a sweet pizza pie anywhere!!!

Jennie said...

Rose is the same with wanting my cup all the time. My latest trick is giving her her own big girl cup of water or juice, that way I can keep my own and she's all like "Rose. Own."

Rose knows "last one", which is the same as 'last time'. So far hasn't come back to bite me. I'm waiting though.