Friday, November 07, 2008

Fashion Friday: Promising More Treats!

I know I have been MIA lately. And I can give you a million excuses of why I don't have time to post anything, but really it comes down to the fact that I've just been in a funk. Kendall's first-year letter is still half-finished. I haven't posted any photos from her party. Heck, I never posted any of Emma's birthday pictures from August. I don't even read other blogs anymore. But I'm determined to pull out of this yuck.

Anyway, to kick off my new-found joy, I am posting photos from a pretty fun day. This year we were fortunate enough to celebrate Halloween as a family. (I use the word "celebrate" loosely here since I'm not super fond of the meaning behind day, yet I'm always up for an excuse to have some fun.) Anyway, Jeff was able to come home early from work, and we all trick-or-treated together. He wasn't too happy that I made him dress up, but he took one for the team (ha!).

Emma had lots of fun, even though she couldn't eat most of the candy in her bucket. But she could eat some of it, which is really all she needed. Kendall hung in there until the very end, when she started to get hungry. Then we all headed home for dinner and some fun family time. We turned off the lights and played with Emma's glow sticks, which kept her happy for nearly an hour. Although I think Jeff may have had more fun than any of us. ;)

Here are some photos from the day. Hope everyone else had lots of fun with their little pumpkins!

The Girls in their costumes:

Our Little Pumpkin Kendall

"Princess Ballerina" Emma

Off to score some treats:


Daddy and his girls:





Jen said...

So THAT is where Robin Ventura went! Cute cute!

Melissa said...

So cute. I love the one of Kendall looking over Jeff's shoulder!

Jennifer said...

they both look so cute! looks like you guys had fun!

jen e. said...

OMG!!! I miss you girls soooo much! Hurry up and get rid of all those nasty germies so you can come visit your Aunt Jenni and cousin Lucas! You both looked so adorable for Halloween! I'm so sad I missed it! Maybe next year we can all go together!?!?

amanda said...

The girls looked adorable! And how cute is the pic of Jeff walking with the girls??? So sweet!