Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Today we ate dinner outside. The calendar says Fall, but it sure felt like summer, so we treated it like summer. We even had watermelon for dessert.

It felt good. Celebrating summer for all of its warmth, fun and sunshine. A final goodbye if you will. The leaves are falling and starting to change, but we needed a family send-off...all five of us.

It felt good. To remember. To move on.

Brooklyn got a new binkie today...a big-girl Nuk and not the NIC-U soothies she's been using for the last 2 months. She liked her new binkie just fine and didn't really seem to notice a difference. But I did.

It felt good to throw away the old binkies. It felt REALLY good.

...embracing change while remembering the seasons that got us to where we are now. And being thankful for today. For right now.

It feels good.

**Photo by the lovely Brookelyn***

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because He is Good :-)