Friday, April 01, 2011

Foto Friday: Silly Reminder


I love this picture so much I had to share it. It is just so my girls. Anyone who knows them, knows that they love to be goofy. Like ALL. THE. TIME.

At 6am... during prayer... at bedtime...

I admit, most of the time it drives me nuts.

And that is exactly why I love this photo so much.

It reminds me how much joy their goofiness can bring me...if I let it. So often I get so stressed out about what they/we could/should be doing that I forget to take a step back and enjoy the best part of my kids...

Their youth.

They are goofy, silly, at times absolutely cra-zy, but you know what?

They are fun.

All too often do I find myself squashing the silly aound here, and for what? Life is just too short.

I now have this photo as my screen saver as a reminder to make room for the silly in this house.

For laughing as I drink my morning coffee. For allowing my girls to share their joy when talking to God. And for ending the night with a giggle or two (even if, a-hem, Daddy has been out of town for 4 days...)

So a very happy weekend to all of you. May it be filled with lots of silly!


Deanna Mason said...

You ROCK Lisa!!! I love your blog and really like this post. What a blessing your silly girls are to your home. :-)

I have some sillies here too...most of the time sillies I must add. So you are not alone. God bless the little sillies!

Stephanie said...

What a great photo - it makes me smile. :)

Thanks for reminding us all to lean back, laugh, and take life a little less seriously.