Wednesday, December 28, 2011


In case you haven't noticed, this blog has an identity crisis. I think that if Simon Cowell were to critique this blog, he would call it "indulgent." And it is. The tense, the tone, the perspectives are all over the place, depending on how I am feeling that day. One day I'm using medical terms with a "Brooklyn Update," other days I'm showing off our latest fashion attempt, and yet other days I'm all deep thoughts, writing poems and stories that my heart needs to get out. Honestly, this all-over-the-placeness kinda drives me nuts, yet I think that's why I like it.

I think.

You see, I have a problem with blogs. You might find that interesting since I have one, but until Brooklyn, I never really dove in and tried to "make it" as a blogger. Not that I'm trying to "make it" now, but more on that in a minute.

First of all, I think there is a fine line between sharing your story and making it a circus. How much should people really know about your life...about your children's lives? And how much do I want them to know? I'm still not sure I know the answer to that question, which is why I am hesitant to share a lot about Jeff and my other two girls.

Blogging somehow makes you an authority -- or at least people perceive you as such. And I am SO not an authority on anything. Please don't think for a second that I have all the answers -- or that I think I have all the answers. I for sure do not, and, honestly, I need just as much help as any other Mommy struggling to find balance. Most nights I lay in bed wishing for a "do-over," holding myself back from running into their rooms to apologize and hug and not rush this time that I know I will miss all too soon.

And although I know this blog is very "Brooklyn heavy," there is a reason for that. I hope you don't think that this indicates that Emma and Kendall are any less important than Brooklyn. Of course, that just isn't true.  I do my best to make them feel just as special in our everyday lives because they are. I'm sure I fail a lot in those attempts, but I know in my heart I am trying.

Honestly, I think I am more comfortable writing about Brooklyn because I feel I get a little "grace" in that journey. It's new and it's fresh and it's different than most people's journeys, so I feel like bad days are a little more forgivable than my bad days with Emma and Kendall. The failures with a 4 year old and 6 year old are just so much more obvious, and I'm not sure my heart is ready to admit that I am not as good at this Mommy thing as I thought I would be. It's hard, and it's a work in progress.

Basically, I use this blog to gain perspective. I vent, yes, but I try to do so in a way that is positive because that is how I deal with things. I refuse to become bitter. At the same time, I don't want to create a perception of our lives that isn't true. We are not perfect around here. Far from it, in fact. There is a fair share of yelling, melt-downs and regrets. Maybe too many, but I am working on it. Always working on it.

I struggle to find an identity on this blog because I really don't know what it is supposed to be. What God wants it to be. I have readers, yes, but I have no idea why. I think most of it is because of Brooklyn, and I'm okay with that...I think.

I mostly struggle with what I should be writing. There are many inspiring blogs out there already (Kelle Hampton just plain rocks), and although I have opinions on parenting issues like sleep and food, I know that every family has their own way of doing things and my way isn't necessarily better. It just works for us.

I have my faith, yes, but I hesitate to get too "preachy" because my Bible background isn't as strong as I think it should be. There is a responsibility (I feel) associated with throwing out Bible verses. I do it when I feel led, but I don't want to force it or contrive something that is for myself -- and not for Him. Yet I often feel like He wants me to do more with this, which is confusing.

And then, of course, there is my real writing job...but that's a story for another day.

So what is this blog? Is this my testimony? Is it just my way of dealing with this season of my life? Does it/could it/should it mean anything more than that?

I have absolutely no idea, and until I do, I guess I will just continue to indulge and wait until God gives me an answer.


Colleen said...

:) It can be whatever you want it to be. I decided early on that mine was going to be like a record book for keeping track of my kids' lives, in pictures, and funny things they say, etc. So if I want to remember something, I try to put it there. It's also a great way to keep the grandmas informed of everything. Every now and then I try to talk to the SB mom crowd, and I try to be a good witness. I feel the same as you though--and I think a lot of people do--that I am not a good enough mom to be giving other people mom advice, and not a good enough Christian to be spouting off what Christians should do, etc. You're not alone in that. But if writing about something makes you feel good, blog about it!

Kelly B said...

I've been blogging for about 10 years and still don't have an identity. I've tried to 'make it' too, but have found that as long as I'm being real, I'm satisfying the writer in me...and a natural effect is that people invested in my life AND BONUS, people who might just be gleaning encouragement that I'm offering, are reading. It might not pay any bills, make me glamourous or popular, or ever get me more than a few comments, but how my heart soars when I know someone, anyone, has read and been touched.

Keep doing what you're doing!

(oh, and I so love Kelle H, too :)

Jen said...

I hear ya! I have been blogging for years and I also have no identity per se. I started before the dawn of FB as a way to keep in tough with far away family and friends. I also started as an outlet for my secret desire to be a writer. I learned a lot from my blogging. While I like to have a good rousing "discussion", online isn't really a great place to do that. I have busted out with things that I felt were the minority opinion only to find out there were so many others that felt that way!

But enough about me . . . lol. I have enjoyed getting to know you and your family through your blog. Our hubbies have met and we haven't! I love the updates about Brooklyn and I also have a bit of a kids' clothing obsession so it's fun to see your fashion ideas. There are so many great mom blogs out there that it is hard to not feel a certain pressure to be that fantastic. Sometimes we are fantastic and sometimes we are not.