Thursday, May 10, 2012


We've all heard the phrase, "It's not about the destination, it's about the journey." In many ways, that's been an underlying theme of my blog for the last 2 years. And what I love the most about that statement is that our journeys are all so wildly different, yet at the same time, they are at the core, very much the same.

We all have challenges. We all have a goal -- a destination -- in mind. And while sometimes the path might not be the one we would have chosen or may even be full of some pot holes we'd rather not jump, the point is that we can push through it. If the desire is there -- if the will to reach that destination is strong enough -- we can get there, regardless of the challenges.

During this journey, there have been times when I've been sad about the things Brooklyn won't be able to do. Things that her sisters will be able to do -- maybe even do together -- while Brooklyn has to sit on the sidelines.

But, VERY much like her determined big sisters, Brooklyn has once again taught me that if there is a destination she wants to reach, she will reach it. In her way.

Kendall LOVES doing gymnastics. In fact, I think I see her upside down more than I see her right side up throughout the day. She is constantly doing cartwheels, handstands, and headstands, regardless of where she is or what she is (a-hem) wearing. (We have since decided that shorts must be worn under all skirts and dresses...)

Always trying to be part of the action, Brooklyn started asking me to flip her over. Of course, at first I was happy to do so, but after 923 assisted somersaults, I realized perhaps I should have thought that one through a little. She is 21 months old and doesn't quite comprehend what "one more time" truly means. So to her dismay, Mommy has to say "no" after about 2 or 3 flips.

But not to worry, Miss Brooklyn has figured out her own way to gymnastics -- without Mommy's help -- and is more than happy to perform on command. In fact, she now has added a pause between acrobats to wait for applause.

This video is a little old and was taken around Easter, but I still wanted to share it. Brooklyn's "gymnastics journey" may look different, but really, does it matter? The girl has reached her destination, and she is happy and proud. And so am I.

*Please ignore my extremely annoying high-pitched "excited" voice. Precautions will be taken in future videos to prevent possible hearing loss.*


grandma b said...

Once again - smiling through the tears :-) She has so much to teach us all.

Jennifer said...

Way to go Brooklyn! She is one determined little girl!

Courtney M said...

"I'm gonna go help her"...such helpful big sisters!!! too cute!

Jenny said...

That is AWESOME - way to go, Brooklyn!

Kelly Clarey said...

Wow! God is so amazing! So is Brooklyn!!
What a joy to witness what Christ can do through us if we only let Him!