Monday, February 20, 2006

Happy and Healthy

On Friday, Emma went for her 6-month well-baby appointment, and everything is great. This was the first appointment with our new pediatrician, and as always, it was meant to be. This doctor has a 17-month old who had silent reflux -- exactly what Emma has -- so we clicked instantly. (My friend who recommended her didn't even know this!) So, the doc knew exactly what we were going through and suggested one more medication that worked for her daughter. I was hesitant at first to put Emma on yet another med , but she promised us that she would never offer it if she didn't think it would make Emma more comfortable. She's not a big meds person and likes the body to heal itself from things like colds and coughs. She also only feeds her baby organic food, so I feel like she would only suggest it if it really worked. I pick up the Rx today, so we're anxious to see if it helps. I guess this stuff somehow moves Emma's tummy so that it isn't always in the same place. This should keep the acid from constantly bouncing back up into her esoph. We'll see. She suggested we try it for a month and then stop if we want to limit the meds. Then, if we see a huge difference, we continue it. If not, we'll stop.

All the other usual stuff is great. Emma is 16 pounds, which means she gained 3 lb in only 2 months. Usually babies at this age average about 1 lb per month, so she's a little over. We did find out we might be feeding her a little too much of the formula, so we're scaling back. I had an instinct that we were since she was spitting up more than usual, but at the same time, she didn't seem satisfied after a bottle. The doc said she's probably ready for solids, which I agree. So, tonight will be the sweet potato trial. I'm going to wait until Jeff gets home so he can feed it to her. We're both excited to see her reaction. It's pretty funny what you look forward to when you're a parent! :o)

She also received her next two shots and did great. The first one didn't phase her, but the second stung and she let us know it! She got over it quick though and zonked out on the way home. Don't think that meant we'd get a long nap out of her. No way! 39 minutes later she was up and ready to play!

Overall, her sleeping has gotten better. Her naps are regular, but the duration still varies. I can usually get her back down if she takes a short nap, but I'm hoping those instances when she sleeps on her own become more frequent. One can dream!

We are going to try putting her to sleep without her papasan this week. It's worked great as far as putting her in an upright position, but she's getting too big for it and can't seem to get comfortable. So, we're going to prop up her mattress a little more and see if her reflux can stand it. I'm a little hesitant since this will mean some LLLOONNGG nights, but we don't know what else to do. I just hate the thought of her being uncomfortable, but we're out of options. We can't let the girl sleep in her high chair! Just pray that she will be able to get some ZZZs!

That's all for now. More photos to come as Miss Emma attempts to get mobile. So far, we just have some frustrated tummy "crawling," but if her Daddy has anything to say about, she'll be on all fours soon. I, however, am more than willing to wait...

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Mama C-ta said...

That's great to hear you click w/your new ped!! Especially since they were in the same boat. In my experience that's been the only way to get answers and help. I have a good feeling about this new med. I'm hoping both of you get good quality sleep soon!

How exciting she's going to be eating solids! I always thought babies would be all over them but I'm surprised to hear how many take so long to warm up to the idea. I guess b/c as an adult I can't imagine eating the same thing meal after meal w/out much flavor. Julian definitely does better when he feeds himself. She seems more adventerous, she'll probably love it! Get some pics of the sloppy potato face!