Friday, June 08, 2007

Fashion Friday: Runway Baby


As much as I'd like to, I can't take any credit for this little trendy number. These hip duds were given to Miss Emma by the always trendy Cricket, whose Mama owns a nice little online store called Urban Baby Runway.


You can check get the shirt here, and the pants here. The bangle bracelet on Miss Emma's right arm is mine and was totally Emma's idea. I love a girl who understands the importance of accessories! Which reminds me... although we didn't win the shoe contest, don't think I'm not shopping for some shoes for this outfit. I'm thinking brown sandals, eh?

*Stay tuned for ultrasound update and photos of Baby B #2!*


aunt nenni said...

Awwww....Our little fashion plate. I love the side part too!

Mama C-ta said...

Oh it looks so cute! Thanks for the links! But I think my favorite part is the bangle, such an eye for style, that little one.

And not to be the totally impratical one but those Vincent shoes, Lilly in turquoise, I think would actually look REALLY cute w/that shirt.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

That outfit is ADORABLE. Definitely Runway style! Can't wait to see the ultrasound pic, too!


Amanda said...

Love the outfit...and so affordable, too! Wish I had a littler girl to get that for...Annaliese is too big! :(
Can't wait for the updated pics of baby #2!!! :)

Glass Half Full said...

Ok, that is the cutest top I've seen!!!! Do they make one in my size????

Carol said...

very cute! The top looks so much cuter on Emma! Cricket's mommy should use Emma's pic! I think it would boost sales of that shirt! Emma is too cute!

Mommy Brain said...

Cute outfit...maybe they should make a Mommy and Me set.

Anonymous said...

OMGosh! That is the cutest outfit!!! I need to make friends with mamac-ta!! LOL