Thursday, June 28, 2007

Yep, I peed my pants...

And I have the emergency room receipt to prove it.

Let me explain:

*Note: This may be TMI for most of you, but I haven't posted a juicy preggers story yet, so I feel I'm due!*

Last week started out to be a good week. Emma's meltdowns had slowed down, and we had a great Father's Day. Then Tuesday hit. I felt like total crap. Flu-like symptoms all day and totally exhausted. And I felt like I was peeing EVERY.TWO.SECONDS. I felt like I was newly pregnant again, but yuckier. I even asked Jeff to come home early from work (read: on time for once). He didn't, but that's another post...

Anyway, Jeff comes home, lets me take an hour nap, and then is off to job #2. I start to feel better, put Emma to bed, and get a little work done. Around 10pm, I headed upstairs to go to bed, but stopped on our main floor to pee for the millionth time. Then I made my way upstairs, and by the time I reached our room, I noticed my underwear was soaked. Not just a little wet, but soaked. I had felt nothing come out, and what was there didn't smell like urine. I couldn't get a hold of Jeff, so I called the doctor.

Now let me preface this by saying that I normally would have written this off as a weird pregnancy thing, but because I felt so yucky all day, I got a little nervous. I had flu-like symptoms a few days before Emma was born, and my water broke before I went into labor. Now with Emma, it was the stereotypical gushing tidal wave they tell you will never happen. But, as most of you know, "they" say it is USUALLY more like a constant trickle of water. So, the wet undies and flu symptoms made me extra cautious. Our baby wasn't even 1 pound yet!

Long story short, the doctor told me to go to the emergency room, but said it was probably urine. Jeff got home, my mom came over to sit with Emma, and a long night of waiting, tests, and an ultrasound (bonus!) told us Baby B was just fine. The diagnosis was a urinary tract infection, and antibiotics were prescribed.

Four days later I find out none of it was necessary. Apparently my bladder has a mind of its own (even when I don't sneeze!)

So that's the good news. But then Emma got sick. And not sick with a mild summer cold. Nope. Weeeeee got another one of those good ole viruses!

As you saw from Friday's post, we were getting temps in the 102-103 range for a few days. That, I could handle. The next few days, however, have totally sucked.

Zero sleep Friday night brought us to the doctor on Saturday, who informed me that Miss Emma had stomatitis, which is basically the mouth version of hand, foot and mouth disease. Our poor baby had sores all throughout her mouth. She was miserable, wouldn't eat, and wouldn't drink anything other than cold milk. We even tried rice ice cream and milk shakes for the first time, but she was too afraid to try anything new.

Yesterday was the first day she was able to have a full meal without wincing in pain. That has been the hardest part, watching her be soooo very hungry, try to take a bite of something soft, and then make this horrible face and spit it all out. We have honestly been living on scrambled eggs, oatmeal, and milk.

The nights have also been pretty bad. Most of the time, there was nothing I could do to comfort her. Motrin wouldn't even help. I've never felt so helpless or heartbroken in my life. And this was just a stupid virus!

Anyway, we are on the road to recovery, and Little Miss is already back to her old opinionated ways. I think we both have been cooped up for too long and are way overtired. A few nights of good rest and a fun morning at Grandma's today should hopefully get us over this hump for good.

So there you have it. For now, I'll leave you with the little bit of fun we managed to have during our 6-day house arrest.

As any good mom will tell you: When in doubt, make cookies!




Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh my goodness, I am SO SORRY to hear about the past week. I am happy all is better now! And I am so glad you went to the doctor because when pregnant with Carter I was "leaking" and I just waited the whole day until finally thought I should see a dr. It turned out that my water had broke and was just slowly leaking! I had to deliver him right away!


aunt nenni said...

You gals are definitely troopers! I too, am sorry that you had to go thru all that, but am glad everything is going to be all right. Well, everything but those cookies, what kind of crazy recipe is that Miss Emma? Lol! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that Emma is feeling better. And I hope you get all fixed up so you're not peeing your pants for the rest of your pregnancy!!

amanda said...

Oh, Lisa!!! I'm so sorry to hear about your week. What a time you've had! :( Glad to hear things are on the upswing. Have you taken to wearing Granny Panties yet? ;) Love ya!

Jen said...

I thought my water had broken a few weeks ago too. Turned out it wasn't even as fun as peeing my pants. Good old fashioned sweat. Ick. :-) Ain't pregnancy F-U-N!

Hand, foot, mouth is icky. We have had the fever and foot sores but never the mouth part. Poor Emma~glad to hear she's perked up!

Tracey said...

What a week! Glad it was just pee. :)


I remember peeing my pants too! I'm sure I have more of that to come. I use to pee before I could even get my butt on the toilet. It's like the transmitters that connect my brain and bladder were misfiring! Glad to hear you guys are feeling better though, nothings worse then feeling crappy when your pregnant. XOXO

Randi said...

Oh my goodness, so sorry you had such a crazy week:0 But I'm so glad the baby is OK, and that it was just pee!

p.s. I have moved to Wordpress:) (My blogger blog was blank so I decided to move!) My name should take you to the new link:) Just wanted to let you know:)

Mama C-ta said...

Wow, I'm exhausted from reading! Have you guys recovered, what a week!

I went to the ER for pee also b/c just like you I had JUST peed and then soaked underwear. But that was towards the end, you have too long to go! But much rather it be pee right now.

I'm sorry you guys were so sick but at least now Emma can say she's had ice cream :)

Elizabeth F. said...

Gotta hate going to the ER to find out that you peed yourself. I've done something similar! LOL!

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Glass Half Full said...

I leaked for a whole day like Steph then thought, "I guess this is more than just an average discharge!!" 6 hours later Mark was born!! (May I also add the bigger slurg of water breaking was at our local mall!!!)

On the subject of your ER visit -- oh well! At least it wasn't a major problem -- just urine!