Friday, July 27, 2007

Fashion Friday: On the Bandwagon


So I finally gave in and bought Miss Emma a pair of Crocs. And she LOVES them.


I have always thought they were totally ugly, but I have to admit they are pretty cute on little feet. Emma is not exactly liking sandals at the moment, so this was my compromise. She puts them on all by herself and no fights to get them on... ever. I wonder if they have them in orange??? :o)

*BTW, I PROMISE to post bump photos before this weekend is over. Promise!*


aunt nenni said...

I'm first! Ha! I agree...I'm not a very big fan either, but they are quite cute on her piggies! You should have posted the pic of her and gramma (mom) with matching pink piggies!

Jennie said...

Cute. :) I don't know how much these ones are, but I got some red ones for Rose & I for $5 a pair at Walmart. Rose refused to wear the velcro strap sandals I bought her, but she likes to wear these ones. So now she has some summer shoes.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Adorable! And can't wait to see the bump!


Randi said...

I was THIS CLOSE yesterday to buying some for Landon to match mine!! I love the whole idea that if they get dirty just wash them off! And with this boy shoes get dirty:0

She looks adorable!!

Mama C-ta said...

She makes anything cute! Looking foward to the pics!

Carol said...

Can't go wrong with pink on a beautiful little girl! And it is nice to get her independant on the putting them on!

Glass Half Full said...

My boys wear Crocs and they are the easiest shoe ever for them to wear!