Monday, July 23, 2007

Our First Trip to the Zoo

A few weeks ago, Jeff had a few days off, so we FINALLY took Miss Emma to the zoo for the first time. The day was perfect... a little bit cool in the morning so it wasn't scorching hot by the afternoon.

We got there bright and early, waiting for the gates to open. Little did we know the gates open 30 minutes before any exhibits do. So we walked around and had a snack as the precious minutes before nap time started to count down.

But once the exhibits opened, I swear the animals put on a show just for Emma. The baby polar bear took a giant leap off of a rock into the water. A tiger walked right in front of the window where Emma was standing. And one of the lions let out a mighty roar that even I had never heard. It was absolutely amazing to me. I can only imagine how awesome it must have been to our little lady.

We also went to the Children's Zoo, where Emma walked among some goats and brushed their hair. She petted a sheep, giggled at the loud ducks, and yelled at the horses to come closer. Every time we saw an animal, she kept saying, "More please!" She really did love it.

Unfortunately, she got worn out pretty quickly, so we had a quick (and somewhat crabby) lunch on a picnic bench at about 11:15am and headed home around 12pm. I have never seen her fall asleep in the car so fast. We were barely out of the parking lot and she was out. Even after the 45-minute drive home, she let me transfer her to her crib, where she slept another 2 hours.

As if that wasn't great enough, Jeff then shooed me out the door to get a pedicure while he stayed (read: also napped) with Emma. Life is good!

Here are a few photos of our trip. Of course, none of them compares to watching Emma experience it all for the first time. What a wonderful blessing to see such pure joy and amazement through the eyes of a child. If only we looked at God's creation through those eyes every day!

Passing the time before the exhibits open...

Mesmerized by the polar bears

A mighty roar just for Emma

Brushing a goat's eye...which he totally appreciated!

Laughing with the duckies


New Mama's Nest said...

Such fun! She's such a doll. We should all do a zoo date soon!

grandma bernard said...

What a sweetheart! I couldn't agree with you more, we take so much of the gifts we are given every day for granted. It's why I sign my emails 'Have a wonder-filled day,' - to help me to remember to NEVER loose the wonder of Him and His creation. And of course the precious creation that are His children 8-)

aunt nenni said...

How great! I wish you could post a video on here! I would have loved to see her faces and her excitement! I love the goat pic! :)

one hot momma said...

I just love the zoo! Just for future reference, Lincoln Park is easier to get around in half a day. I took the kids there alot when they were little. They like Brookfield more now, but Lincoln Park is still my favorite. Everything is much more condensed and you can basically see everything in half a day! And the drive is shorter too!
You all look so great! Glad you had fun!


That looks our zoo. We have the same type of Children's zoo in Baltimore where they can brush goats ! I thoroughly enjoyed our recent trip to the zoo too. Emma looks like she was having a great time in those pictures. It's cool you got to see the lion so close up. We could hardly see ours!

I cant believe you only have 12 weeks left! Time is really flying by. I forgot did you find out what you are having?

Mama C-ta said...

Am I the only one a little disappointed that the picture of Lisa is cropped so those of us out of state STILL can't see the belly? Ah well, maybe next time!

But it looks like such a fun trip, I love the polar bear pic. But that poor goat! ;)

Glass Half Full said...


The zoo was never one of Matt's favorites. I think Mark is starting to show interest. Maybe I'll have luck with him???