Wednesday, August 22, 2007

She can see!

So Emma had her first bang cut today. I won't go as far as to say it was her first haircut, since there wasn't much hair actually cut. But something had to be done about those bangs, especially with my sister's wedding coming up in September. Plus, I'd like to get her 2-year photos taken next week.

I wasn't sure where to go since we all know Miss Emma's personality, but then I spotted an ad for a new kid-friendly place super close to our house. I wasn't doing anything drastic -- we were just trimming some bangs so the poor girl could see -- but I knew I needed a place with lots of distractions.

I purposely scheduled first thing in the morning so it wouldn't be busy and ended up with a really sweet girl named Sarah that didn't seem clueless. Actually, I knew she'd be okay when she said that she often tries to convince parents that bangs don't need to start at the back of the head and that only a few are necessary. Bingo!

In fact, I knew I probably could have attempted this trim on my own since it was only a few bangs, but with Emma's many colics, I thought it was best to trust a professional.

So off we went this morning. We talked about it all morning, but I'm not sure Emma really knew what was going to happen. She loved the place at first glance though. There were toys and balls and a choo-choo train. When it was time to pick her chair, she didn't seem interested until I showed her the firetruck that she could drive and that had a bell. Plus it was in front of a TV.

She didn't want a cape on until I bribed her with some crackers and convinced her it was a bib. She accepted, and Miss Sarah started the trim.

About 1 minute later, we were done. Sarah was nice enough to put Emma's "lock" of hair in a baggie for me, although there wasn't much at all. I opted out of the first haircut photo and certificate because I didn't think it really counted. We'll do that next time.

Of course, then Emma didn't want to leave. We walked around for a few more minutes, playing ball and moving the cho-cho down the tracks. Then I finally convinced her that it was time to go home and play outside. She wouldn't say "bye" or "thank you" to Miss Sarah, but talked about her the whole way home and at lunch. Go figure.

Here are a few shots of our little experience this morning. Later this afternoon is our 24-month check up. I'm hoping a good nap will make this as easy as the haircut!





Jennie said...

Glad to hear it went well. Rose's hair gets in her eyes too, but I'm not even brave enough to try a kid friendly haircut place. My husband cut the back of her hair, in the bath one day - without even telling me first. I had a snip at the one side and it ended up much shorter than the back, so we've left it alone since then. Am sure she'd look much better if she got a proper haircut, but I'm not really up for the drama. :P

amanda said...

That is TOO a first haircut! If it's not, then I'm horrible because I never saved any of Annaliese's hair after I cut her bangs for the first time! :)
Emma looks so cute! Good job, big girl!!! (I'm talking to Emma, not you,

Carol said...

What a great place! It looks really kid-friendly and super clean! ++++ :) Doesn't a little bang trim make her look older? I remember that with T.J. when I cut his fly-away bangs just a smidge, and he took on a whole different look! Do you keep looking at her and wondering when did she grow up?

aunt nenni said...

LOL!!! I love the first picture! Perfect attitude! That's our Emma! Almost has the arms crossed like she did the other day too! I love you, you little stinker! And I'm so proud of you!
And I agree, if ANY hairs are cut, it's a first haircut!
Love the shirt she has on too. :)

Anonymous said...

She looks adorable!! Those are great pictures, you must have a fab camera! That place looks super cool too...look at those walls!

Mommy Brain said...

She looks great. First haircuts are so traumatic...most of the time I have to leave the room just so my boys will calm down. Way to Go Emma!

Mama C-ta said...

Now I know we just have to wait to get Cricket's haircut on our next visit, that place looks so fun! And that girl does sound like she knows what she is talking about and based on the final pic, she isn't all talk, it looks great!