Monday, October 01, 2007

Labor Update

So I'm still in false labor. Went to the doctor today, and nothing has changed. Still 2-cm dilated, and my cervix is pretty high. My plug is definitely gone.

Only mild cramping today and no real contractions. So we wait. Doctor said not to be surprised if I go in the next day or two, or in the next two weeks. Not quite what I wanted to hear, but I appreciate his honesty.

The good news is that I am now 37 weeks, which means I can resume normal activity and not worry about "pushing" it. If the baby comes, it comes. So at least I can stay busy while I wait.

Stay tuned. Hopefully I can post some photos of the wedding tomorrow. Maybe I'll even throw a hospital shot in there. But for now, folks, I'm going to bed!


Jen said...

Sometimes I read your blog. I'm Jana's cousin (in law) and a labor and delivery nurse. I love reading about pregnancy, labor, babies, etc., so sometimes I peek at your blog!

Hang in there! Just remember, every day your baby grows means he? she? (I don't know what you are having) will be that much more mature and will eat better and transition to life better. There is a difference between at 37 weeker and 39 weeker...Of course, if it is time, it is time.

I'm glad they sent you home. Our hospital sometimes tends to put people in false labor in real labor sometimes by breaking the bag of waters or starting Pitocin. Keep yourself hydrated, rest, and enjoy these days with Emma. I have such fond memories with my son before our daughter was born. Soon you will have two!!

I look forward to reading your birth story!

Tracey said...

I know it's frustrating, but remember that it's not "false labor" but just your body preparing for labor. I think the word "false" has bad connotations to it and just makes moms feel like what they are experiencing isn't REAL. Hang in there!


Just thinking of you and praying excitedly for you guys!

i am not said...

I love this: "Doctor said not to be surprised if I go in the next day or two, or in the next two weeks."

My doctor said the same thing to me with Georgia at around 36 weeks because my "bag of waters was bulging" and you can bet I did my darndest to try to get my water to break or my labor started. She was born at 39 weeks:) I love the last few weeks of pregnancy with the uncertainty of everything and the excitement and anticipation of it all! Have been thinking of you and hope to hear good news soon:)

Glass Half Full said...

False labor....what fun!!! (just kidding)

Oh I am dying to see this little wonder from God!!!


kkoois said...

wow! what a roller coaster you guys have been through over the past several days.

can't wait until your little one is here...maybe even as i type this you are pushing?...:)

Heaven Sent said...

Nope. No pushing... Just eating some Haagen-Dazs raspberry sorbet. Braxton Hix all day, but no other signs.

At least this one likes to take things slow!

Anonymous said...

Good morning from rainy Scotland!

I think maybe this one is a boy, taking the laid back approach to life!

Jude xXx

Mama C-ta said...

GAH!! I can't believe I missed all this! AND you know, I called you Friday b/c something told me I needed to get in touch soon b/c I want to touch base before the baby comes (and after of course!) I even said to Jeff I wanted to talk since the baby could be here any minute. Baby B #2 if you are listening to me, I wasn't SERIOUS!

I'm glad you are the babe are hanging in there, I can see how a little annoying it would be, an up and down emotional and physical roller coaster but you're handling it well. Actually, I should call you incase he/she decided to come since Monday. Maybe Baby B liked the music too and was hoping to break free for a little footloose on the dance floor? Play more tunes, he might come hip hopping out. Yes I said he ;)

Please make sure I'm on the "call list!"

I'm thinking of you guys, miss you, love you and lots of hugs!