Friday, October 05, 2007

Fashion Friday: The Big Day

Unfortunately, I didn't really have time to snap any good photos of Emma at the wedding, but my brother's girlfriend managed a few. I'm hoping my sister's photographer got some smiling poses, but we'll have to wait and see!

Emma wedding 1

Emma wedding 3

This is hard work!
Emma wedding 2

Hangin' with Pop-pop
Emma wedding 4

The Beautiful Bride

Emma's Hot Grandma!
(She's going to kill me, but I couldn't resist. Isn't she hot?!)


Randi said...

Emma is simply precious. Her little dress is beautiful:) Your mom's a hottie g-ma! I love her hair!!


Everyone looks beautiful and Emma is so adorable!!

Melissa said...

oh, everyone looks so beautiful. Jenni looks gorgeous and aunt "dodi" is looking hot! love u guys!

Be Inspired Always said...

Beautiful Emma. Love the bride's dress.

I'm new to your blog.


amanda said...

Emma looks so cute! What a big girl! Your sister made a beautiful bride...that is a gorgeous dress! And your mom...WOWSERS! I know she reads this, so I have to say " are smokin' hot!" :) You've got great genes Lisa...lucky!!! :)

Glass Half Full said...


(When I saw "big deay" I had a feeling it was another big day. HA!)


Life With All Boys said...

Emma looks so beautiful!! When my oldest was 4 he was a ring bearer in my friends wedding. I love looking back at those pictures.

amanda said...

Monday evening- prayed for you this afternoon...hope you're feeling well! love ya!