Friday, February 22, 2008

Fashion Friday: Dressed for a King


Here's our little doll on her baptism day. Although I love the simplicity of the dress (thanks, Grammie!), I have to admit the little shoes are my favorite part of the outfit. Emma wore the same outfit, so it has real sentimental value. Jeff's mom had both their names and baptism dates embroidered on the slip, which makes it even more special. (Don't worry, there's room on the back IF there is ever a third girl... ;)


Of course, the dress has nothing to do with the point of the whole day... the day we placed our beautiful little girl into her Father's care, promising to teach her all about the love and peace only our Lord and King can offer. It is an honor to do that, and I pray she will truly become the "woman who loves her Maker" that our family friend sang about on her special day.

In all seriousness, God doesn't care what we wear, as long as we come to Him with pure hearts. In fact, He prefers that we bare our souls -- not hide behind the masks the world makes us feel like we have to wear. That's the best part about God -- He loves and accepts us as we are -- broken, battered, and ugly. He understands that we question and doubt. Unfortunately, it is our nature. The good news is that He loves us anyway. And He forgives us.

My prayer is that as Kendall comes to the age of understanding, she dresses herself in His righteousness and lives her life knowing that He will protect her and love her no matter how many times she questions. In the end, His love covers all. It is enough.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh my gosh- absolutely beautiful!


Melissa said...

Your words are beautiful Lisa. And of course so is Kendall in that great dress. I love how their names are embroidered on. Have a great weekend!!

grandma bernard said...

Oh, this mom/grandma's heart is overflowing with love & pride. How very beautiful. Is there anything better than to see our children loving the Lord like this? I can’t think of a thing. As I'm sure you, Lisa, are finding out. You are doing such a wonderful job of teaching those little angels to know & love their Lord.

Mommy Brain said...

She looks like a bride...I'm sure that her Heavenly Father beams with pride and joy!

Randi said...

What a beautiful keepsake for both of the girls:) The dress is lovely:) As was the post. Children are such blessings from the Lord.

Happy Friday:)

Jennie said...

Beautiful post. (And beautiful dress.)

Carol said...

well said! What a wise Mommy Kendall is blessed with. I love the embroidery on the slip. What a great idea.

Mama C-ta said...

What beautiful words Lisa and what a special day. Kendall looks radiant.