Monday, February 04, 2008

Thanks 'Bampa!

While most men were excited to watch "the Big Game" yesterday, Emma's "Bampa" (my dad) was just as excited to built his first granddaughter a snow fort. A few weeks ago, he promised her he would build her the best fort ever when it snowed again. Well, after a snow-filled Friday and Saturday, we got the call that Sunday was going to be The Day.

I'd say he more than outdid himself. He was out there for over an hour on Sunday making the hugest mound ever, and then came over this morning to dig it all out.



As you can see, Emma can stand in it!

The man is totally butter around her. Anything for his "pretty girl, Emma."


aunt nenni said...

What a great fort! I don't think he ever even built us one like that (Lisa & I)! I'm a little jealous, Emma! ;)
Looks like you had fun playing with Bampa in your fort!

"auntie" Stef said...

The finished product looks like tons of fun! Have fun Emma! :)

amanda said...

Isn't it funny how our dads get when we have kids? It's almost like they do more for them than they did for us I'm glad your dad was so excited about doing this for Emma...what a great Bampa!!! :)

Melissa said...

What a great Bampa he is! That us a HUGE snow fort. I bet she had tons of fun!!

Mama C-ta said...

That's awesome! You guys really have that much snow??? I'm so jealous!!!

Barbara said...

wow, what an awesome "bampa"! :)