Thursday, June 05, 2008

Fashion Friday: 7 months

Here are a few of Kendall's "6-month photos," taken at 7.5 months.
(*List of excuses for tardiness: Lack of sleep, a very busy and emotionally draining toddler, runny noses, random scratches and other visible markings, selling our house, moving, work, and well, no sleep.)

Anyway, they are okay, but could have been better. Miss Kendall's morning nap was a bit short, so she wasn't her usual cheerful self. Of course, I still think she is cute as a button.

I like this sweater shot, but her foot is doing something funky. Maybe she's double (triple?) jointed...

Kendall sweater

This one is cute because it's just so her. Sweet, but VERY vocal.


And this one just makes me smile!



Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, she's so adorable in every one!


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. She is getting so big - Love you guys, Aunt Lorrie

jen e. said...

Too cute, too cute, too cute! Cute as a button indeed!

Tonya said...

she is so cute! I have a vocal one too.