Friday, July 25, 2008

Fashion Friday: Total Sweetness


I know this outfit isn't all that "fashion-forward," but it absolutely screams Kendall to me. I know she's only 9-months-old, but I can already tell she's going to be my "girlie-girl." I am not a pink, bows, and ruffles kind of mom, but for some reason, I am finding myself a little more willing to go in that direction for Kendall. She's just such a sweetheart and so sensitive, that the frilly, girlie stuff just seems to fit her.

Emma, on the other hand, is my busy little "Tom boy." She is active gear all the way. Dresses that are "flirty" are okay, but anything else feels silly. Of course, she still dons the occasional princess dress during playtime, but as far as her everyday "style" goes, we keep it simple and a little more trendy.

I'm interested to see if I'm on target once they start revealing their own styles. I'm hoping that if they stick to what I've started, maybe they'll be less fighting in the teenage years over clothes...

Yeah right.


Mama C-ta said...

She's such a sweet heart! That is interesting, from what it sounds like their wardrobe matches their little personalities perfectly. But you do know this means double the wardrobe expense for 2 teens, right! Well that's what allowance is for :)

jen e. said...

I agree...Kendall is such a sweetheart! And looking pretty is always in fashion! ;)