Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Let's Talk About It: Clear as a Bell

Not to be outdone by her chatty older sister, Kendall is talking up a storm lately. There are even a few words that I know are intentional and as clear as a bell: Ba-ba (of course!), hi (complete with a wave), and uh-oh! (the latest).

Unfortunately, the scream is still there, but not as often as other new gurbles come out. Her voice seems a little higher than Emma's, but that may just be the screeching. She is also getting very intentional with her playing, which is so fun to watch.

I love how even though I have been through all of this once before, I am still in awe of how these little ones grow up. God is pretty awesome.

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Butterfly Mama said...

So sweet...it is just as much of a blessing this time around. I love your new profile pic! Too cute!