Friday, February 20, 2009

First Piggy Tails!


Can someone please tell me where my baby went?


Jen said...

OH my Emma! She looks so much like her big sis there. Same cowlick and everything! :-)

grandma bernard said...

Oh, my goodness! DejaVu X2. I can't decide if she looks more like Emma or a certain little peanut that came into MY life 30+ years ago :-) I guess the correct answer is that she looks like a very grown-up Kendall. Grandma loves you Peanut.

Lisa said...

Funny thing is Kendall doesn't have a cowlick -- I just am so used to combing bangs to the side that I did. Her hairline is actually pretty good and is growing in totally different than Emma's did. Much thicker and more in back. Emma was all on the top and was/is still very fine and whispy.

BUT they are looking more and more a like, mostly in their mannerism and these looks they give. DNA is a funny thing!

Carol said...

She's getting so big! How wonderful.