Friday, February 27, 2009

Foto Friday: Big Cousin


This photo is a few months old, but I've wanting to post it. As hard as she plays, Emma has very soft spot for her baby cousins. Here she is helping feed Baby Lucas on New Year's day.

The funniest thing is we now have a baby doll in our house that has been permanently named Baby Lucas. It started when Emma invented her very own game where she pretends to visit Auntie Jenni and stays to help take care of Baby Lucas while her Mommy and Daddy are "on vacation."

If only... ;)


grandma bernard said...

Such a big girl, and looking VERY proud! Good job Emma! Grandma loves you :-)

jblueyes17 said...

What a great picture! Funny how they already both look so different! You're a great big cousin Emma!