Friday, June 11, 2010

Foto Friday: F is for Fun

So, I realize this blog has gotten a little heavy lately. I write when I feel led, and today I feel led to lighten up a little and share some of our family fun.

Truth be told, I was born a scheduler and rule-follower -- especially when it comes to our girls -- which means that sometimes I have to be reminded to chill out and just live. They are only little once, and the best part about being a Mommy is that you get the chance to be little all over again.

One thing that I have definitely learned over these few months is that life is truly what you make it. You can either jump in and laugh, or sit and miss out on all the fun. So I have vowed to change things around this house -- making it more playful and more joyful and full of l.i.f.e.

That started with a promise to make this summer as fun as possible...balancing planned trips with last-minute adventures and all-out silliness (and getting some work done in between). Although my hormones are trying REALLY hard to work against us, I think we've gotten off to a great start!

(Cue lots and lots of photos... Enjoy!)

Impromptu trips to random parks we drive past

Home-made popsicles on the deck

Touch a Truck day!



Home-made pizza WITH lots of gooey (dairy-free) cheese

Making sure we are dressed appropriately for every occasion ;)


Lots of fun with glitter (which Jeff just loves...)


Tickle fights with Daddy at bedtime

And last but not least...getting creative when Mommy is in bed sick all day (and Daddy is on the clock ;)


Jennifer said...

looks like Summer is starting off with a ton of fun! Keep enjoying these GREAT summer days!!

Mommy Brain said...

Super cute...have fun, live it up...they grow up so fast!

Cara said...

So fun! They look so happy, loving life! You've inspired me to quite being so stressed, it's summer for goodness sake.

I canNOT believe that is Kendall - that's what Emma still is in my head! While they both have their very own looks I can't help but see a mini-you in Emma and a mini-Jeff in Kendall. Hmmm, which way is Ms. Brooklyn gonna go?

I miss you guys :( I have NO trips to Chicago planned anytime soon - booooh! But I think I'm gonna have to squeeze something in after 7/27.

(Oh - I might have to bug you for some Gluten-free/dairy free recipes if I can figure out how to also make them meat-free. Challenging diets for a non-cook like me.)

Stephanie said...

What a beautiful family you have! I can sense the l.i.f.e. through your photographs and through your words.

Oh, and I think I sensed sarcasm about the glitter. Tim would be the exact same way. ;)