Tuesday, May 24, 2011



Today, as we played outside, she disappeared inside for a while. Just when I was about to worry, she reappeared with three cups of water in hand and the proudest smile on her face. "I got us all water," she said, glowing.

The other day, at 4pm, she asked to take a shower all by herself. At 4pm. It was important to her. I could tell. So I helped her get her stuff together, gave her a quick tutorial on how to wash her hair, and closed the door.

On Friday, she graduated from Kindergarten. My baby graduated from Kindergarten. I bought her a cross necklace as a small gift, and I was so afraid she wasn't going to like it. It was just so simple. No sparkles, no frills, no pink.

She told me she loved it. And I know she meant it.

I don't write about her much because I'm not sure it's my place anymore. She's been growing (up) so much lately. She feels so deeply and yet lives so freely...she's complicated and words just won't do her justice. She is truly the big sister, and I am convinced she is a big reason why God decided we were special enough to be blessed with Brooklyn.

I am so very proud of my baby. My first. Her Faith inspires me, her passion challenges me, and her smile reminds me of why this Mommy thing is the best thing I ever did.

I love you, Emma Kay. I see you reaching, stretching, finding your wings. And as much as my heart is aching, it is also beaming with pride and waiting to embrace you whenever you need catching.



Jodi said...

OH honey, you can WRITE. So sweet. I just bawled my eyes out while reading that.... I relate in so many ways. :)

This Mommy thing is the best thing I ever did, too. :)

grandma said...

What Jodi said :-) I made the mistake of reading this first thing this morning & spent the day with tear smeared make-up.

I've also spent the day trying to come up with words.

Emma's smile still lights up this grandma's heart. Lisa, you did such a great job describing her. She is a complicated, precious child. She has had a connection with her Lord from her earliest days. She is so full of energy & joy and yet she can sit so still & quiet while she listens to a story.

This is my prayer for her, that her innocent, blind faith grows stronger & deeper as she continues to grow into the beautiful young lady He has made her to be...just not TOO fast.

Stephanie said...

This post almost made me want to cry. Isn't it strange and wonderful and terrifying and new to watch them grow up? My heart barely knows what to do with all those mixed emotions.


Sylvia Compaan Modla said...

It's ALWAYS a mom's place to write/talk about her kids no matter how "grown-up"! I'm sure all your kids will love to go back & read these blogs when they are much older!