Thursday, October 13, 2011

Making it Work, Splint Style


It's Thursday, which means Small Style at Mama Loves Papa. As you can see, bulky beige splints don't quite make the best accessories, but we worked around them. I have some cute gray striped tights that would have been great with this outfit, but such is life. You take what you are given, and you work with it.


Because we had to be careful not to shift the splints, the last few weeks have been mostly onesies and dresses. But I have been waiting to use these sweater shorts since Brooklyn was 6 months old, and they were a great "pants" solution. The shorts are actually bloomers that went under a sweater dress a family member gave Brooklyn last Christmas. For some reason, they were way too big for her at the time, but I knew I would find a good use for them. We will for sure be wearing these a lot these next few months, whether with splints, casts, or tights.


By the way, our resident rock star is doing great these days. She got her full casts on Tuesday -- can you say hot pink?! -- and the whole thing never even phased her. I got a quick peek at her "new" feet, and although they were definitely a little...well, sore to say the least, they also looked amazing. Like real feet -- long and flat and ready for some serious standing. God is so good, people.

And now that we have hot pink casts, who needs tights anyway? Trust me, girl is working them. We'll be sure to show them off next week. Until then, have a great weekend!


Making it Work:
Shirt:     Carter's (1st bday gift)
Shorts:   No clue (and I'm way too lazy to track down the bin with the sweater dress)


Kendra Morris said...

She looks so cute with her casts! My little girl has that same top from Carter's. She wore it last week for my small style post. I took the flower off and made it into a hair clip.

Brooklyn is adorable!

Anonymous said...

She is just too cute! I love coming and seeing what she is wearing every week :) Pink casts, awesome!

Stefanie said...

So stinkin' cute - she could rock any style! Can't wait to see those hot pink leggys!

Jodi said...

Oh mercy... she is just so edible!!!!! And looking so BIG! That first picture floored me with her hair getting longer, etc. YUM. Love that little Brooklyn Hope. HUGS, friend! Looking forward to seeing those pink casts and those BEAUTIFUL, prayed-over feet!!!