Friday, October 21, 2011

Pink Lemonade (or something like that...)

So I know I'm a day late linking up with Small Style at  Mama Loves Papa, but I promised hot pink casts, so here they are in all their neon glory!


Seriously, you would never know that she even had them on. Girl is making her way across the room and getting into all sorts of trouble. And we are loving every minute.


The other day Brooklyn was getting some blood work done and while we were in the waiting room, a kind woman asked about her casts. I briefly explained why Brooklyn had surgery, and she says to me with tears in her eyes, "Doesn't it just break your heart?"

I knew she was referring to seeing Brooklyn in her casts, and you know what? It doesn't. She is just so happy and is clearly handling it all just fine, so why would I waste my time being sad about it when I could spend that time enjoying my baby. Seeing her strength gives me strength. If anything, I am in awe of how awesome she is, which not only makes me proud, it gives me joy. Not the superficial "high on life" kind of joy, but real joy. Joy that brings peace, acceptance.


It is well, my friends. It is well.


Making it Work:
Dress- Old Navy (Kendall hand-me-down)
Jacket- Levi's (Emma hand-me-down)

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Jodi said...

It IS well!!! PRECIOUS. That girl has FLAIR!!!!