Friday, February 24, 2012

Small Style


Her eyelashes

Shoes on her feet

Not quite loving...

The, um, strong personality that has surfaced over the last two weeks. (Still hoping it's the teeth.)

Thankfully, "ilk!!!" seems to make a lot of things bearable for Little Miss, including an annoying Mama desperately trying to get a full-length shot of her outfit.

Happy Friday everyone!

Making it Work
Blazer: Gap, Emma hand-me-down
Shirt: Tea Collection, Kendall hand-me-down
Jeans: Old Navy, friend hand-me-down
Shoes: Pediped, Emma hand-me-down
Bow: Adornemegirl

1 comment:

grandma b said...

You know those models - temperamental little things! PS: I'm loving ALL of her, I think she's a perfect little angel, always :-)