Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Little Better

As she buried her head in my chest, I felt her shakes and I knew they were real. The tears were falling from a child, but the cries were from a grown-up place that I often wish my 6 year old didn't have to visit.

I knew she had been struggling lately, that something was up. But it wasn't until a walker stood between her and a much-anticipated tea party that I saw her heart.

"Why does she have to use that, Moooom. Just take her out so we can get started."

I knew right then and there that all of this "rock star" walker business was getting to her. My heart ached at the thought, and my tongue was tempted to quickly "fix" her hurt. But this wasn't the time. The table was set, the Princess music was already on full blast, and Kendall was anxiously waiting to do her welcome dance. So we all sat at the table, poured "tea" into mini tin cups and shared Rice Chex and raisins as if everything was okay.

It wasn't until a few days later that I saw my chance. Jeff had sent Emma to her room for disrespecting him, and I quickly suggested that I do the "sit down" with her this time. After we talked about her behavior, I only had to mention Brooklyn's walker before she broke down.

"Why does she have to have a walker? Why can't she just walk like you and me."

We had one of these kinds of conversations soon after Brooklyn started physical therapy, but that was before there were standers and walkers and lots of people acting like these were all good things. To an innocent heart and a praying big sister, these weren't good things at all.

So we talked. We talked about Faith, we talked about miracles, and we talked about Heaven. We talked about sister love and playgrounds and God's plan and dancing. We hugged and we cried, and when it was all said and done, she answered one of my greatest prayers in just seven simple words.

"Mom, you always make me feel better."

Today, instead of playing Barbies with Kendall, she sat on the floor and played with Brooklyn until her bus came. When I told her it was time to get her coat on, she kissed Brooklyn on the head and promised her they would play some more as soon as she got home from school.

As Emma closed the door behind her, Brooklyn called out for her -- "Me-maw!" -- and started to inchworm crawl her way over to the door. Emma caught it all out of the corner of her eye and ran back, sneaking in one more kiss on her baby sister's head before skipping up the driveway and heading off to 1st grade.

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Jodi said...

TEARS! It doesn't get a whole lot better than that kind of sister-lovin'. Nice work, there, Mom. :)

Herb of Grace said...

Precious... Those big sisters :)

Life with Kaishon said...

How absolutely beautiful. And powerful : ) Incredible. She sounds like a great big sister!