Saturday, April 23, 2005

Just the four of us...

Lisa, Cara and Bellies, April 2005 Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, Jeff & Baby B--
I have been following your blog in amazement and joy for you all. Obviously, I have some catching up to do re: career, how this all happen (well, I think I can figure that part out!), etc. I know this is what you have been praying for for a while now and glad your prayers were answered. Welcome to the parenthood club! Love, TERRI

Mama C-ta said...

Ack! What a surprise to see my mug! It is a good and meaningful picture though, not every day we A. see each other and B. both have big pregnant bellies! (And should explain to everyone this is our signature pose started in 7th grade(???) and no matter how old we get, it's mandatory! And remind me to wear heels next time :o)

I love being pregnant with you!!