Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Welcome to our blog!

Well, today is our first post, and I'm excited to finally get this up and running! I've had the blog set up for weeks, but just haven't had the time to post anything (or figure out what the heck I'm doing!).

The purpose of this online "notebook" is to try and update any friends and family (and whomever else for that matter!) on what's happening with Baby B. Of course, it's also a way for me (Lisa) to "vent" about the joys -- and struggles -- of pregnancy. (Maybe I can even get Jeff to post a few!)

I have to say that so far, pregnancy has been a fairly easy ride for me. Besides some emotional melt-downs (as Jeff can confirm!!) and compulsive over-worrying during the first trimester, I've been really blessed -- no major health issues, morning sickness, or stretch marks (yet!), and I have a ton of support from my hubby, family, friends (especially those also expecting), and even my work. Honestly, I'm sometimes waiting for the ball to drop. Everything is truly falling into place.

Now, don't let me fool you with all of this optimism. I'm sure there will be "posts" that will contain more complaints and details than you'll want to hear, but I feel compelled to be a little wishy washy on this first one! :o)

So stay tuned for updates on everything from baby kicks and doctor appointments to belly size and swollen ankles!


Mama C-ta said...

YEAH!!! I'm so excited you got this up and running! I can't wait to get my fix on all your updates and I can stop asking "How far along are you again??" and "When is your next doctors appointment?" Now I can add your link to my blog :)

We love you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

I AM SOO HAPPY FOR YOU!! i am glad that everything is going well and time sure is flying by...Baby B will be here before we know and miss you guys...
love, the "other" lisa

Anonymous said...

Hey just stopped by to visit your blog! Cara told me about tonight.I'm sure I'll stop by frequently. Congratulations on Baby B!!! I'm very happy for you!