Thursday, May 05, 2005

6 Months... only 4 to go!

Well, we hit the 6-month mark this week, which is just crazy. It seems like just yesterday I was (very!) anxiously waiting for a positive PG test, and here we are -- only 16 weeks away from meeting our baby. It's strange because at the same time, I don't remember what it's like to not be PG anymore. I've forgotten what it's like to have more than three pairs of pants, what it means to not stress about the nutritional aspect of every morsel I put in my mouth (not to mention what won't give me heartburn), and how to sleep through a whole night (yeah, yeah, I know, just wait...)

That doesn't even account for the fact that my "charming" tendency toward clumsiness has somehow exponentially multiplied. You should have seen me shaving this morning! As my sister and mother can attest, this is one task I have NEVER been good at (with the scars to show), but me trying to hike my leg up on the (very) high shelf in the shower was quite entertaining. What's even scarier is the fact that I will have to do this ALL SUMMER LONG!!! Oh, to be pregnant in October...

The only thing that might have been equally as entertaining was me trying to teach 11 little girls how to do a chaîné turn at ribbon dancing practice the other night. I'm sure you can imagine what a perfect picture of balance and grace I was... The good news is that 10-12 year olds can be pretty sweet when they want to (although my loving and, um, sympathetic sister-in-law had more than a few good laughs!)

So that's physically. Now the mental part. I swear this week the baby must have pressed some hormone button in my belly because I'm beyond bipolar. I've gone from crying for joy (literally) because one of my good friends mailed me an early Mother's Day card (thanks, Katie!) to yelling my head off because Jeff and I are disagreeing about credit cards (sorry, Jeff!) -- all in like 5 minutes flat. And yesterday I was exhausted to the point of hallucination, and today I was wide awake at 5:45am cleaning every inch of our bedroom. I'm a little afraid of what the next 12 hours will bring… :o)

Well, I know I've been bad about posting pictures, but if my energy levels maintain high until tonight, I will definitely post some updated photos. I'm due since my last round was at 19 weeks. I'm not sure how well it will translate in photos, but I have to say I feel like twice the size lately. And the baby is kicking and moving like crazy now. Last night I swear he (or she!) was doing flip-flops. I could feel him (or her) rolling around. It's the most amazing feeling in the world.

Okay, I could probably babble on forever, but I guess I'll spear you all the risk of a major mood swing mid-sentence! :o) Have a happy Thursday!


Mama C-ta said...

Yeah, 6 months!!! Can't wait for more (long awaited) pictures :)

Our babies are on the same schedule b/c whatever he's doing this week has me completely crazed and an emotional train wreck!!!! At least I like to think he's the reason! As Bryan says "Hunny, you are scaring me" as I turn into the 100th personality for the day.

Anonymous said...

I think I still scare Aaron occasionally. I kept some of those scarey hormones while breastfeeding! I wasn't like that with Hailee though. But then again with Hailee, I lived with my parents! My only responsibility was taking care of the baby! Didn't have to cook, clean , wash all the clothes, ... I tried to be super mom/wife and I had to learn how to ask for help LOVINGLY!!! Not like a PSYCHO! :0) Can't wait to see pictures too! -KELLI