Monday, May 23, 2005

No Worries

"Don't worry, it will all work out." Those words -- along with "relax" -- are just about THE WORST things you can say to me. If I am worried and/or upset, these words are the last thing I want to hear, especially since they will no doubt make me even more upset. I'd rather you give me chocolate or sympathize with me, even if I am being my usual over-compulsive, anal-retentive self. NO ONE ever believes you when you tell them not to worry -- or relax -- so I feel they are truly ridiculous pieces of advice that do nothing more than actually cause more stress.

HOWEVER, I have to say that 9 times out of 10 there really is NOTHING to worry about. Rewind to my post a few weeks back about nothing being done on the baby's room. Well, here we are -- May 23 -- and I have a beautifully painted baby's room, a glider, a rug, all of my bedding (although still awaiting the quilt), and a changer and crib due in any day. I was actually able to stand in the baby's room yesterday night with the rug in place and the glider in the corner and breathe a sigh of relief. Despite all of my worrying, it is all getting done -- well before the baby is even close to due. If all shipments arrive on time, we could very well have this room furnished next weekend (except for the armoire, which we should be able to order in about a week). So pray that I can make it through some of the more important worries I have ahead of me without acting like the world is going to end. (And pray for Jeff too -- his wonderfully patient soul can only take so much... :o)

Other news...
We STARTED the whole registering process on Friday, but we are nowhere near done. I'll let you know when we're finished so you planners out there don't get too far ahead of us. Hopefully we'll finish up in the next week or so.

We also got some stuff marked off our "general house" to do list, although there is still much to do. Even so, I AM NOT WORRYING. I know we'll get this stuff done before the baby comes -- or at least most of it. Heck, we've lived four years without this stuff being done, so we'll survive even if we don't get it done.

Had our 26-week doctor's appt. on Friday and all is well. I had to cancel my Thursday night appt. because of a church commitment, but rescheduled for Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, this meant Jeff had to miss his first appt. He was pretty bummed, but it worked out okay because my mom got to come with me. It was really cool having her there. She got to hear the heartbeat and meet one of my doctors (Dr. F) It was actually the first time I met Dr. F, and I may even like him MORE than Dr. D, which I didn't know was possible. He's a very calming spirit, but very thorough. I like that A LOT.

Baby's heart rate is 148, and I'm measuring just where I should be. That last part made me a lot feel better since some random strangers have taken it upon themselves to tell me I look "too big" or "too small" for being 26 weeks (actually 27 weeks tomorrow!). I have made an oath to myself to never say this to any pregnant woman I meet because the fact is EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT, which means there is no "normal." And why do some people pretend to even know what's "normal?"
Sooo many people told me I wouldn't show until like 6 months, but I've been showing since 12 weeks. I remember telling Cara (my girlfriend in Maryland) that she seemed to be showing early -- I even thought she was having twins! And we actually ended up showing at about the same rate. I FEEL HORRIBLE that I may have made her feel "abnormal" for even a second!! Lesson learned (sorry Cara!). And based on the "too small" and "too big" comments, obviously no one really even knows what is "normal," otherwise they'd be telling me the same thing -- not complete opposites. Anyway, that was pretty random... sorry!

Also signed up for our birthing classes. We start June 23 and it goes for 5 weeks. I'm pretty excited, but also a little nervous. This is where we talk about all of the stuff you know is coming, but put off thinking about because you have time. Well, starting this class is kind of admitting that time inching closer, which makes everything more real. For the most part, that makes me ecstatic, but there's a part of me that is still scared to death. And, yes, I know that I won't learn real parenting skills in a class -- nor will anything prepare me for labor -- but I have to say I'm a firm believer in education and reading. I wouldn't know how to balance my check book if I didn't read my 2nd grade math book. Of course there's a balance, but I am not about to blindly go into parenting without preparing myself with some knowledge. I would never do that with anything else in life, let alone the most important responsibility I'll ever have.

Okay, well, I'm obviously in a venting mood today, so I'll give you all a break. I'll post pictures of the nursery soon and update you on my glucose test --the next milestone -- although with my newfound approach, I can honeslty say I'm not too worried about it!

:o) Lisa

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Mama C-ta said...

Hehe, don't sweat it, believe me you weren't the ONLY one who said I was huge. It changes daily, one day I'm huge, the next I'm not that big. It goes in one ear and out the next along with the unsolicited advice pregnant girls seem to constantly get!

Glad your appointments are going well!