Friday, May 13, 2005

Bunch o' Stuff

Well, I was going to title this post "Two Baby Bonnemas!" but I thought it would be a little too misleading and might cause some of you some unnecessary excitement (or worry!). So, no, I am not having twins, but my beautiful sister-in-law, Alicia, is having her third baby!! I am so excited! She has already blessed me with the most adorable niece and nephew ever, and now I get a cousin for my little one! I think everyone wants their children to have a cousin close in age so that they can grow up and be best friends, and now I get that too! The blessings keep coming I swear! Alicia's due in December, so the babies will be about 4 months apart. Can't wait to see if they're the same sex. In fact, Alicia and Brian will find out the sex of their baby before we find out ours! And as much as that tempts us to find out, we're still sticking to our guns on this one (sorry Grandma Bonnema! :o)

Lots of other stuff going on this week. Besides my meltdowns about not being able to any cribs we like (or can afford), Jeff and I did manage to decide on a few things (funny how I don't feel that much better -- I think I require stress to live!) Anyway, we have ordered our changer (courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa Bonnema), which I absolutely love. I'll try to post a photo from home this weekend (not that any of you believe me on that one). I actually borrowed the idea from my partner in pregnancy, Cara, who has it in black. Thankfully, she is willing to share her good taste, although mine's not quite as hip as hers -- mine is white. I actually considered the red, but my unofficial Dutch side came out and I picked the "classic" choice. I always like to think my style isn't predictable, but in the end, it is. I always go the conservative route when there's money involved. I guess I was destined to be a wooden shoe after all! :o)

I also bought our glider today. It is white with blue and white striped cushions. I actually managed to find one that doesn't look like it was sold at a craft fair, which was my goal. It looks just like a traditional white rocking chair, but it glides. I also found a fun braided rug that has all my colors in it. I surprised myself on this one because I'm not a braided rug kind of person, but this one was fun. Maybe I just fell in love with the name – "The Braidy Bunch" -- but it had a unique twist to it (no pun intended) that I really liked. Plus the colors were a little brighter than my bedding, so I thought it would complement what I already have without being too "matchy, matchy" (as my mom would say!). Again, hoping to post some photos so ya'll can see what I'm talking about.

The furniture dilemma has yet to be finalized, but Jeff and I have narrowed down some options and will most likely make a decision soon. We're buying the paint this weekend, but we decided against the denim finish. Besides the fact that it costs $50 to buy the tools to simply attempt the finish (not including paint or glaze), we're not convinced it's going to turn out the way we want. Plus, sometimes simple is better (especially in a small room), so we're going that route. We picked a denim blue and a light yellow that I think will be strong enough for a boy, but soft enough for a girl. The chair rail will also dress things up, so I'm happy with what we decided. Hopefully it looks as good in person as it does in my mind!

Phew, that was probably more than you wanted to know about the nursery (which is currently a very unorganized office), but it's nice to finally have a plan, even if it isn't complete. I also managed to embark on a few milestones this week -- I did end up getting my line "negra" down my belly. It's very faint, but it's there. Not all that exciting, but my mom never got one, so I didn't really expect it. (It's also nice to have some proof that my overactive hormones are not a figment of my imagination!) I also had to put a Band-Aid over my belly button twice this week so that I wouldn't gross anyone out at first glance. It even shows through pants! I've always considered my belly button quite small, so I'm a little surprised (and disturbed) by how much it sticks out. Oh well, there are worse things I guess…

I'll close with a final random thought... one pregnancy symptom they didn't mention in my books was wrinkles. No not on my face, but on my clothing. I swear, ever since I have been pregnant, no matter how much I iron, I always look like I'm in desperate need of a dry cleaner. And it's not just my belly area that's wrinkled... it's everywhere! Maybe it's some sort of secret conspiracy the maternity clothing people have created so that I'll somehow think it's my fault I look so horrible and that buying a new shirt will help, I don't know. All I can say is that between the wrinkles and my protruding navel, I might as well wear sweats to work. At least then I'd be comfy! :o)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Mama C-ta said...

Have fun on the painting! I was looking forward to seeing how the denim finish turned out but I don't blame you. That Raulph Lauren gets you on his "necessary tools" and hard work! It'll look just as good w/the denim color.

By the way where did you find your glider/rocker? You better post some pics, I mean it!! I'm starting to feel like I'm way too OCD w/my blog!!

And congrats to Alicia and Brian :)

- Cara