Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Where's the Mountaintop???

I have been waiting 7 loooong months to say these words, so here goes...

Yep, you read right, but just in case, let me write it again: EMMA IS SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! As in 11 hours straight. No bottle. Maybe one pacifier moment at the most, but that's it. 7pm she's down; 6am, she's up. And no papasan. Life is so good!

It all started last Wednesday night when Jeff was supposed to give her the late-night bottle. (Yes, the day I complained about our lack of sleep!) Of course, she decided to give her Dada a break (cough, cough...) and never woke up for the bottle until 5am. This continued until Saturday and got later and later: 5:30am, 5:45am, 6am, and this morning, 6:15am. I hesitated to share this news for fear that it was a fluke, but after 5 days, I figure it's official.

And the papasan thing happened on its own. Apparently, Geneva is the place to make major adjustments to your child's life. We spent the weekend there with the B clan, and Miss Emma had to sleep in her Pack and Play. This was a challenge since it isn't on an angle, but we figured this was the time to do it. We were on vacation, so who cares if we don't sleep. Plus, not bringing the papasan with forced us to stick to our guns. Friday night went okay once she was sleeping, but getting her to sleep took me almost 2 hours. She feel asleep immediately, but the second she was on a flat surface, the eyes opened and the thrashing began. Finally, she decided she was tired enough to tough it out, and I didn't hear from her the rest of the night.

I have to say that these moments make me so proud. You would have thought she won a Pulitzer the way my heart felt -- so full of love and pride. Such a small thing, I know, yet I know how hard it is for her (and painful), but she figured it out on her own and made it work. I can only imagine how my heart will feel when she accomplishes even bigger things.

We also started carrots last night, and she loved them. I kinda think she's going to like anything we put in her mouth, but I guess peas will be the real test. Thankfully, that won't be happending for a while. Our doc wants us to do squash next and then some fruit. The green stuff will follow. I can't wait for all the beautiful artwork I'll find in her diaper! :o)

Back to the weekend: We had a great time. The weather was so nice (when it wasn't raining that is), so we were able to walk around in Downtown Geneva. Emma took it all in and loved being in her stroller without her carrier. We're going to put her in an upright carseat as soon aS the weather gets a little warmer. The carrier bunting is nice for the winter, but hopefully spring will come early -- that thing is heavy!

We also stopped at an outlet mall, where we totally blew our new budget. But who could pass up that cute little Nike outfit that was obviously made for Emma, not to mention the absolutely gorgeous Easter dress and shrug from Gymboree? My justification for the latter was that she needed an Easter dress snf it was from an outlet store (although I won't reveal the ridiculous amount I still spent. I'm still having anxiety attacks over it...) Anyway, I am probably supposed to wait for the big day to reveal its cutenss, but I can't contain myself. So scroll down for a preview of the world's most adorable Easter dress, but keep in mind that it will look a billion times cuter on!! :o)

But first some family photos:
Emma and Papa

Mr. Evan

Jeff: The Life of the Party...

Gammie and her babies

The Outfit:


Mama C-ta said...

That's it, we're cancelling our trip. I can't possibly hang out w/anyone w/a baby that is sleeping through the night ;)

Nah, I've very happy for you guys, you deserve a good nights sleep!!! Good job Emma!!

Regardless of how much you spent on that dress, it was worth it!

Jennie said...

Ooh, now that is a very pretty dress. Looks all grown-up and non-babyish too. Isn't it fun to have a little girl? :D

That's wonderful about Emma sleeping through the night. Rose has been sleeping 11 hrs this past week too. I'm a little scared of telling people, incase I jinx it. She slept this well between 2 & 3 months but then quit until 8 and a half months.

ƜberDaddy said...

Oh NO!!! You've officially jinxed yourself! Everytime we start getting comfortable sleeping all night, Henry starts cutting a tooth or having growing pains, and wakes up the house several times a night.

That said, congrats on your first nights of REAL sleep. Feels surreal, doesn't it?

Emma is so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Lisa and Jeff,
I think I'm going to be the only one NOT giving advice... Lisa... I'm sorry... I know nothing about "Poopy poopy poopy pants" yet... but I'll get back to you when I need tips someday.(Far off!)
Your "Spring chick" as you called her is so beautiful. You guys are amazing parents and it makes me so happy to see your beautiful family.
P.S. Oh yea... and I so DID NOT SEE that outfit at target....
I love you guys...