Friday, June 16, 2006

10 Months and 2 Days... but I'm not counting!

So I should have posted this a few days ago, but honestly, Emma's 10-month mark came up on me quick. Maybe it's baby is NOT inching closer to that 1-year mark!

Well, of course she is, and she is letting me know every day as she progresses at the speed of light. The latest: Tooth number 3 is here and number 4 has been painfully peeking through these last few days. And, no, they're not the front two top teeth, they are her top eye teeth. Crazy, eh? I really shouldn't be so surprised. We do things EMMA's way, 'member?

She also has decided to start walking. Well, sort of. She is now taking at least 5 or 6 steps alone and will walk (very) short distances all by herself. I feel pretty confident that she'll be good at this walking thing in a matter of weeks, so stay tuned. AND PRAY. I can barely keep up with her now.

A few stories to bring you into our busy little life...
1. Emma is crazy about cabinets, so I loaded one of them with tupperware so she could get her fix. Safe, right? Not when your little scavenger manages to find and take apart the food processor you have never used, locate its blade, pull it out, and hand it to you as if saying, "Mom, I really shouldn't be holding this thing that will chop my tongue in half. Here you go." 'Nuf said.

2. Ever the explorer, keeping Emma contained is pretty difficult. But I needed to get work done the other day, so I brought her Pack-n-Play into our extremely small office where she could safely play no more than 2 inches away from me. She usually hates playing in this little cage, but this time, it seemed to work. As I typed away with my back to her, she was quiet and appeared happy. That is until I hear the choking going on behind me. And there I see what was making her so happy -- the plant she somehow reached and decided to eat, leaf by leaf. I managed to retrieve the leaf in her mouth and the five others that were now decorating the floor of the Pack-n-Play, but I guess I'll never know if she actually swallowed any death greens. I'm sure her diaper will let me know the answer to that one.

So, no, I won't be winning any Mother of the Year awards anytime soon. And I can't even imagine what will happen when walking becomes second nature. She's already managed to get two small bumps on her head from trying to perfect her new skills. Do they make foam body suits for busy little girls? If you know of any, please let me know. I'll take two!


grandma bernard said...

You are EXACTLY the mother that Emma should have & having watched you from day one, I can say, without any bias of course, the B-E-S-T!! I also have to marvel at God's sense of humor. I remember being told when you were 18 mos. old that I probably wouldn't be able to have any more children, and although heartbroken I remember thinking well, Lisa is my 'little boy' - you were forever into everthing & climbed everything and had your share of bumps & bruises to prove it. And talk about a 'mind of your own' - I won't even go there. Celebrate her curiosity, it is truly a gift from God. Love you both ;o)

Aunt Jenni said...

Finally! I've been waiting for another post! :) I really look forward to reading these even if I talk to you and already know most of what they are going to say. You are a great mom, things like that are bound to happen to anyone! Just look at Britney Spears! Ha! I love you both and I'm very proud of our little herbivore! LOL! Can't wait to see you guys on Sunday!

Mama C-ta said...

Wow walking already! We knew you were a quick one Emma but that's very impressive!!! Julian's walking now too, in a way, so they can go for evening strolls together ;)

Lately I've been hanging out w/moms that have girls and they are so mellow, hardly move and we get on sexist conversations saying Julian is so wild b/c he's a boy. But Emma is always in the back of my mind to prove this theory wrong! That's why Julian loves her so much, he'd have a hard time keeping up w/her!

She really is amazing but you must be tired! I totally think you deserve the MOTY award.

JD said...

Lisa you are a great mom! And the best mom that Emma's ever had;) I think we all have our doubts throughout the journey, but know that you love your little bunny and she loves you and that is what is important. Bumps and bruises heal - believe me, they heal!

And a little tip from my corner of the world... when she falls, laugh like it is the funniest thing - she'll learn that it isn't so traumatic to fall and will get up and go right back to it. You maybe knew that already, but it was a big thing for me when Nora started walking.

I so enjoy your blog and look forward to new posts. I've never met your bunny, but I'm loving her from "afar".