Thursday, June 29, 2006

Picture Crazy

**FYI -- I made the photos smaller this time to save space. You can click on the photos if you want to see them bigger.**

So proud of her Daddy
After he was installed as a deacon in our church on Father's Day.

Curly Girl
Courtesy of Grandma and Auntie Lexi. Doesn't she look like she could be in the Wizard of Oz? NO need to agree...only a mother can say something like this and not be offended! :o)

Sleepy Time
So peaceful. And, yes, she sleeps with her butt up in the air...

Book Worm
She loves her books so much, I wonder sometimes if she thinks she can read!

Shhhhh, Mommy
What's the secret? Maybe it's that she was going to get a fever just two hours later that still hasn't gone away -- hence, the tired eyes...

Sweet Blink
I know her eyes are closed in this one, but for some reason I just love this picture. The bow, her just makes her look like such a little girl. My little sweet pea!


kkoois said...

so cute! love the little bow in her hair.

Anonymous said...

she is growing up so fast. she is so cute!!!

Aunt Jenni said...

She is definitely the cutest lollypop kid I have ever seen! ;)
And she's so darn smart, she probably DOES know how to read, we just don't know it yet! lol!
Love You Emma! Hope you feel better soon!