Thursday, July 27, 2006

Needles Schmeedles!

So I took Emma for her allergy blood work yesterday, and I was prepared for the ultimate meltdown. I had two binkies, her blankie, finger foods, and a sippy cup all ready to go in the event of total drama -- I was prepared. I even warned the tech and her helper that Emma is a bit, uh, vocal, so this might be worse than normal. And because the doctor requested they test for 11 allergens, they needed to fill two vials...

Okay, breathe, mom, breathe, here we go...stretchy rubber thing tied around Emma's skinny little arm, tight enough to pinch her skin, strange woman holding her arm in place, another strange woman poking her with a long piece of metal...the needle is in and...

NOTHING. Not a peep. Completely unphased. THE.WHOLE.TIME. I am watching two tubes fill up with my baby's blood and she's acting like they're tickling her arm. No wiggling, no complaining, just the suck, suck of her binkie, which she probably didn't even need. "Oh, is that a needle piercing my skin and sucking out my blood, Mom? I didn't even notice. Now how about that sippy cup?"

I was so proud of her! When I called Jeff, he even admitted that it made him want to cry. So funny what makes you proud -- and how your child can completely surprise you.

I have to remember that Emma is just as complex as any adult -- she doesn't fit any preconceived stereotypes or moulds. No, she is Emma and she is developing her own unique personality every day. Yes, she is a busy little girl that loves to move around, but she also loves to sit and read a book. She isn't afraid of sticking her face in the pool, but is scared to death of her doctor. She will kiss anyone who asks, but doesn't like to be held by anyone but her mama.

I think as parents we are so excited to "figure out" what our child will be like, that we almost want to make them something they really aren't. Every time I try to describe Emma to someone who asks how's she's doing, I end up contradicting myself after every sentence because she really isn't one "type." Will she be anal like her mom, but athletic like her dad? Who the knows! Only time will tell, and that is the most exciting part. I know Emma has many more surprises in store for me. I'm also aware they may not all be as pleasant as this experience. But, heck, I'll take this one!

I'll finish up with some recent photos. I realized I haven't posted any for a while, but the flu kind of interrupted our usual photo sessions. Still, here's a few of Emma enjoying her summer at Grandma and Grandpa's pool!


Amanda said...

What a brave little girl! Isn't it funny the ways our kids surprise us? I'm glad to hear the experience wasn't traumatic for your little princess. :) The pics are so the shades. How in the world is she standing for the last one, though? Is someone holding her up from out of view? It's the craziest thing!

Heaven Sent said...

Yes, Jeff is holding her from underneath. Did I neglect to mention that she can also float at 11 months??!! :)

Mama C-ta said...

Man I'm 3 posts behind!! She is so adorable, I can't believe she keeps those sunglasses on..and hats! I love her smile. I also can't believe she didn't even flinch at getting her blood drawn!! They got one tiny drop of blood from Cricket awhile back b/c he was crying and thrashing so badly. Tough cookie she is!

You are also so right about how complex they are. Funny how we expect them to be so different from us sometimes.

kkoois said...

great post!! and way, WAY TO GO, EMMA!!!!!!!!

you are absolutely right about parents trying to fit their kids into a certain mold. i know i am guilty of that a lot.

such cute pictures. she is adorable. i love the little piece of hair in the bow.

Glass Half Full said...

What cute photos you posted!

By the way -- I am a Starbucks freak too!! :)

Aunt Jenni said...

That's my girl! Way to go Emmy!!! You're braver than I am with those needles!
Adorable pics Lis! I love them all, but especially the one of her in the shades! :)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Aw, I have done the same thing with our Noah- he has gone through so many medical procedures and things that he is such a "pro" at bloodwork, etc. It does make you want to cry! His daddy can't watch as they take the blood, but Noah will just smile and can't wait for his sticker! He also knows which arm as the best veins for the tech!

Glass Half Full said...

I forgot to ask, what allergies are the doctors looking in to? My older son went thru blood testings. He was diagnosed with Celiac Disease just before turning two. What an ordeal that was!! Keep us posted!!!