Tuesday, July 25, 2006

She's Worth It!

At least that's my excuse for giving in and buying that dress that you all "tried" to talk me out of... um, thanks! :o) My other excuse is that she will actually get three uses out of it -- she'll wear it for her 1-year photo, wear it on the party day, and hopefully wear it to church the Sunday after her birthday. Oh yeah, and it's our birthday gift to her. What else do you buy a 1 year old who has everything she needs? A personalized birthday dress of course!!!! (And yes, we put "Emma" on the dress!)

Besides, who can deny such a little cutie? She is just too darn adorable -- and pretty smart too. Here are some of the recent developments in Emma Land:
  • She has officially kicked the flu and is more than making up for any lost ounces -- she LOVES to eat!
  • She now walks everywhere and can get into the standing position without pulling herself up on something.
  • She waves hello and goodbye on command and on her own (at the right times).
  • She is starting to repeat words I say, although they all start with the letter D. She even tried to sing a tune I sang to her: "La, la, la" ("Da, da, da"). There is hope that she has Jeff's singing voice -- she was pretty in tune!
  • Some of her real words include: Dada, more (mah!), num nums, nye nye, doggie, baby (dady), pretty (ditty -- this is what she calls my earrings) & all done (ah dah).
  • She dances by bouncing her knees when she hears music or when I sing, "Dancin', Dancin', Dancin'!!"
  • She rediscovered her love of clapping and is very proud of her accomplishments.
  • She will kiss you when asked and will sometimes kiss you if you say, "I love you." She blows kisses too, but it's more like a lip smack in the air without the hand throw.
  • She retrieves her stuffed doggie when asked and then tries to carry it around with her even though it is just as big as she is.
  • She points to my nose when I ask her to -- a VERY recent development.
  • Her appetite is ENORMOUS lately, so I am assuming she is going thru a growth spurt.
  • She is almost done getting her two front top teeth, at least I hope, as it has caused us all to be a bit cranky.
  • She likes the water and enjoys putting her face in it. Strange, I know...

    So there's a quick glimpse into our little pistol's life at 11 months. She sure is fun, but also a bit intense (um, like her father??) and keeps me more than busy. But as those tired, weak, horrible sick days only further proved, I would NEVER want her any other way!

    Adventures In Babywearing said...

    Oh I would have bought that dress in a heartbeat, too!

    Aunt Jenni said...

    Well I'm glad you decided on buying the dress, otherwise I would have had to have bought it for her! Sorry I wasn't around last week when you were having such a hard time deciding, I would have made it so much easier for you! ;)
    Can't believe it has been almost a year since I got the call! Time flies when you are having un I guess!
    Can't wait for the big party!
    Love you Emms!

    Mama C-ta said...

    What an impressive list Emma!! Can't say I'm surprised though.

    The dress? Totally worth it b/c Emma is totally worth it. So what's that, only $13.33 per usage plus you can actually count her photos as 365 uses so really that's like 11 cents each. Really it's a bargain ;) Where did you find it, very cute. I'm all about the bows!

    Mama C-ta said...

    PS is the pic of the cupcake on the dress the only cake Ms. Emma will be enjoying on her bday? ;)

    one hot momma said...

    ok Lisa, where's the pics of her in the dress? I want you to prove that it really says Emma! By the way, did I mention how adorable she is?!