Thursday, July 13, 2006

Round Two

How can a child get the stomach flu a mere 5 days after recovering from it? Not sure, but we've managed it. Except now it's pouring out the other end (her mouth).

Yes, as of Tuesday morning, Miss Emma's tummy throws everything back at us, including formula and Pedialyte. The only time she can keep anything down is if it's in quantities of 3 oz or less, yet she is crying because she is thirsty and hungry. To be honest, I am absolutely stressed right now. Not that this is about me - because of course it isn't - but I just feel like MY stomach is also in one big knot.

I really don't feel like going in to all the details (like I usually do), so I'm just going to give you the summary (which come to think of it, may actually make many of you happy...). Anyway, fever hasn't gone over 99 and there really isn't diarrhea, so this is different than the other flu, yet it seems too close to not be related. But after sitting through a 2.5-hour doctor appt yesterday (another story all together), my pediatrician thinks it may be allergy related...

Um, WHAT??!!! As if we haven't limited her diet enough, now she may be eating something that is causing her stomach to completely reject everything. Wonderful.

So he's ordered blood work for her to test every possible food allergen out there. Of course, these test are rarely conclusive in children this little, so it may be one big waste of time, but I remain hopeful. The only new thing she's eaten in the last two weeks is a chicken & sweet potato dinner. That would make chicken the most likely culprit, but come on -- can she really be sensitive to this much stuff? And other people had the first round of the flu -- heck, my mom caught it from Emma -- so isn't a strange coincidence that she got it too? Or that she got it right after getting over the flu?? Meanwhile, she has lost weight since her appt. a mere week and a half ago.

Do you see why I AM SO STRESSED??!!! What the heck is going on with my poor little bunny? SOMEONE TELL ME! Is she just sleepy because she's exhausted or is she starting to dehydrate? Do I wake her in her sleep to give her fluids or let her get the rest she needs? Is she crying because her tummy hurts, or is she hungry? Or thirsty? Or just plain ticked off that she can't go out and enjoy the sun?! As you can see, this is what the inside of my brain looks like: ???????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay, now that I've made myself look like a total crackpot, rest assured that I am in regular contact with her doctor, so don't worry too much -- just pray. I know nothing is seriously wrong with Emma -- and for that we are very blessed -- but that's all relative when you're a parent. It's all stressful, no matter what the situation.


Anonymous said...


I am so sorry to hear that Emma isn't feeling well. Don't stress out too much. All Emma needs right now is you and Jeff.

Mama C-ta said...

Nooo!! Poor Emma!! Poor Mama! I hope the tests give you some answers but I'm w/you it would be a weird coincidence since she was JUST sick. Please keep us updated and give her a huge hug and kiss from me. And take one for yourself while you're at it.

JD said...

You haven't made yourself look like a crackpot. A baby with the flu is terribly stressfull exactly because of all of the questions you've listed... Tired? or crabby? or hungry? or thirsty? Sleep? Wake? What DO I DO??? My answer for you is: Go with your gut. Mom's have some kind of super-instinct in regards to their kids. Go with your gut, not with the book. When you feel a need to call the doctor - call the doctor. If you think you need to wake her to give her fluids - wake her and give her fluids. She will get the rest she needs. You're pretty in tune with Emma and her needs, I have no doubt you are taking care of her in exactly the right way. I will pray for your sanity:) I hate the flu (also the reason why I'm pretty leary of sitting on other people's couches who have small children - likely there is some sort of vomit on them;)

Glass Half Full said...

No matter if its a cold or this horrible stomach virus, when your kids are sick its trying.

My older son contracted FOUR stomach bugs this past school year. I was ready to give up!!! The last was the dreaded ROTAVIRUS and my younger son, then 9 months old, got it too. I was losing it!!

Hang in there -- it'll end shortly.

Amanda (Pierce) Jones said...

Hi Lisa and Jeff,
I linked to your blog from Jana's. I'm a friend of Jeff's from CCHS...we met at the reunion. Sorry to hear your little one is so sick. It really is miserable, and I can totally empathize with you. I'll get caught up on your family when I have more computer time...hope Emma is feeling better soon!!