Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fashion Friday: So Serious

Well of course she's serious. Doesn't this outfit just scream, "Stylish, but studious" ?

For some reason, corduroy always reminds me of school. I think that's why I love this outfit so much. It reminds me of something I would have worn to school as a little girl, but with an updated twist. I'm bummed you can't really see the ruffles at the bottom of the pants. They are too cute!

(BTW, if you can't tell, green and pink is my new favorite color combination!)



aunt jenni said...

Holy Cow does she look like Jeff in this pic! Oh, and of course she looks too cute! And yes, it is a very school girly outfit! ;) She is getting so big! Can't wait to see you guys on Saturday!

grandma bernard said...

Such a big girl, I can't stand it! She looks way too grown-up. Did ya notice? She even has that 'hip-thing' going on...gee, I wonder where she got THAT from? Way back in January you called her a 'fashionista', I think she has definitely lived up to it ;o) Love ya.


Love the outfit! She's adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

I loved your comment on corduroy!!! It reminds me of school too. :)