Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Our Busy Bee

Like the last major holiday, we were home today with a sick Emma. But we still had lots of fun!

She spent the day with her Grandma while Mama had her one adult day of the week (at work). Her "day costume" kept her comfy, but festive. Perfect for a little pumpkin with a sore nose.

Once I got home, we changed into our "night costume," and geared up for the trick-or-treaters. At first, Miss Emma wasn't all that crazy about her antennas, but once I brought a mirror down so she could see her new look, she thought they were great!

She kept the costume on all night, even with a drippy nose and very tired eyes. She stood in awe of our dressed-up visitors (all 5 of them!) and managed to stay in good spirits during a quick visit from her other Grandma and Grandpa. But after a busy day of sneezing and coughing, it wasn't long before our little bee was ready for bed.

Hope you all had a great Halloween!

Our day outfit…courtesy of Auntie Jenni

Perfect for pickin'
pumkin stare

And now for the costume creating all the buzz…

The camera…again? Really, Mom.


Yeah, I'm a bee!
bee clap

Hmmm… what's this??
candy 1

Caught in the act!
candy 2

What? I can't help it I'm so stinkin' cute!
bee what


kkoois said...

she IS cute! and two costumes!?!?! that's some pretty fancy stuff, emma. you are setting the bar pretty high, lisa. she is now going to always need two outfits for all occasions - first days of school, homecoming dances, prom, graduations, wedding, etc. good luck with all that!

Anonymous said...

Looks like someone too to Halloween with ease!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah! I like the pumpkin... you know, me & the bees, eh. : )

Mama C-ta said...

Ha, that last picture! Yes Emma you are very stinkin' cute. Love both day and night looks. Hope she is feeling better soon, poor bumble bee.

Amanda said...

I agree with Kim...you're in big trouble now! :)
Cute costumes, Emma-girl! :)

aunt jenni said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what to say! She is sooooooooo cute! I love it! Well both, but the bee is more of a costume.....she is just so adorable! Brought tears to my eyes! I love you little busy bee!

Heidi said...

Oh how fun!!!

grandma bernard said...

Oh, what a little HONEY! Sorry, I just couldn't resist. Talk about 'you are what you wear' - I don't think I've ever seen such a busy little bee, welllll maybe one - her mom. Love yoy lots, drippy nose and all ;o)

Anonymous said...

Oh how cute is she.

The rumor is that Aunt Helene was a bee once and she walk around sticking people with a straight pin.

Keep updating us. I love to read about Emma-Love you all Aunt Lorrie

Jen said...

Cute Cute Cute!!

I'm with Kim, setting the bar high! 2 outfits for everything. . . :-)

"auntie" Stef said...

Love it! Love it! Love it!
Love her! Love her! Love her!

Carol said...

I was going to use the HONEY line like Grandma Bernard! I'm gonna anyway... she is a honey... so sweet!