Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Great-Great Grandma!

Yep, you read that right -- Emma's Great-Great Grandma Emma turned 93 on Monday. In honor of her special day, we took a drive over to visit. It seems like just yesterday they were meeting for the first time!

Emma had tons of fun visiting with Grandma, but I think Grandma had even more fun! It's hard for her to see these days, but she was still able to catch quick glimpses of our busy bee out of the corner of her eye.

Emma had a ball running around Grandma's house, and as usual, getting into everything. She wouldn't stay still so Grandma could hold her, but she did let Grandma play with her baby and cell phone. Our peanut also got some one-on-one time with Great Aunt Helene and Great Aunt Lorrie, who she didn't get to see on Christmas. Aunt Helene showed her the versatility of an old wipes box, a coaster, and a broken hearing aide, while Aunt Lorrie made an empty Dr. Pepper box a new hiding place for Emma's baby. Who needs real toys anyway?? :o)

It wasn't before long the sleepies started to hit Miss Emma hard, so we had to say goodbye. But we did manage to snap a few photos before we left for the night!

The first photo shows the precious love Grandma has for her namesake. I feel so blessed to have both Emmas in my life!


The second photo is of Aunt Helene, Aunt Lorrie, me, Great Grandma, and Martina, my cousin (and Emma too of course!). Props to Jeff for hanging out with all of us girls!


I am so glad we were able to visit. My Great Grandma is truly an amazing, faithful woman. She inspires our whole family.
Stay tuned for photos of birthday number 94!!!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Those are great pictures!! How sweet!

kkoois said...

i think that is absolutely amazing that emma has a great-great grandma. that is definitely not something you hear of everyday. what an amazing blessing!

Carol said...

Cherish those times and it's great that you take such great photos - it will help Emma remember! love it!

New Mama's Nest said...

How amazing to have a great-great Grandma! Wonderful pictures to look back on!

one hot momma said...

Both Emma's look so great for their ages! I just can't believe that Great Grandma Emma is 93! She looks amazing! Good news for both you and her namesake!
How precious this memory will be! Thank God for cameras!

Heidi said...

How awesome, great pics!