Monday, April 14, 2008

Let's Talk About It: Staying Humble

We are having a typical, face-to-face potty conversation, when Emma stops and points to my mouth.

E: Mommy, your tooth.

M: Yes, those are my teeth.

E: But your tooth, Mommy.

M: Yes, honey that is my tooth. What about it?

E: It's, it's tipping over.

[long pause]

M: No, honey. It's just crooked. Thanks for noticing.

E: Your welcome, Mommy.


jen e. said...

LOL!!! Are you kidding me??? LOL!!! Too funny!!! Love you Miss Emma!!! XOXOXO

Carol said...

just wait when she says something about the big fat lady in the grocery store or the lady with hair on her chin at church! a new lesson in humility.

one hot momma said...

hope you're putting these all in book form! I'll purchase the first copy!

mamasnest said...

I LOVE these posts! Keep 'em coming!