Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Let's Talk About It: Babies

With two new cousins in her near future, Emma has been talking a lot about babies lately. She has taken special notice of both of her aunts' growing tummies, and has even asked me on several occasions if I have a baby in my belly. (Oh Lord, please not right now...)

Anyway, with all of this baby talk, I'm not sure why I was surprised to be greeted by a pregnant toddler this morning:

E: "Mommy, Mommy!"

M: "Good morning, sweetie."

E: (Rubbing a very bulky tummy with an orange and black striped tail) "Mommy, I am having a baby Tigger!"


Jennifer said... are too funny

jen e. said...

Lol! I am literally crying right now cuz I am laughing so hard! I love you Emma! XOXOXO
And Kendall too!
One of your pregnant aunts

Jen said...

Just wait til you find her flat on her back pulling that same Tigger out from under her dress and she tells you that she is playing "Babies Coming Out of Our Tummies" with her BFF. :-)

Glad to hear all is well by you!

grandma bernard said...

Well, I have to say SOMETHING - even if my name is not a derivative a Jennifer :-) Emma you are way too smart for your own britches - you crack me up! Your mommy & Aunt Jenni used to play the same game - I seem to remember an awful lot of huffing & puffing & groaning - that was in late 70's/early 80's and there was this show about "Having My Baby' or something like that - obviously this mom did not do a very good job of censoring what was watched on TV at that stage of life :-)

Mama C-ta said...

Oh that little maternal one of yours! What no bump pictures? And two new cousins? I was starting to wonder if Jenny was having twins but thanks for the clarification!

Butterfly Mama said...

That is cute!!! My son still talks about a baby in his tummy every once in awhile. Their little brains are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Ha! X has started asking me the same thing. Today he got very upset when I insisted I did NOT have a baby in my belly!