Friday, October 30, 2009

Foto Friday: The Best Gift Ever

So we have been celebrating a ton of birthdays in our family this past month. In a 2-week period, we had 5 birthdays: Jeff's, my brother-in-law's, Kendall's, my nephew's, and mine. And that's not even getting into extended family.

But I have to say that out of everyone, I got the best gift -- by far.

Every few weeks, Emma's wonderful preschool likes to have the kids put on little "performances" at the end of class for the parents. This past Friday, my birthday, was one of those "performance" days. Emma had been learning about family all week long, making family trees, talking about God's role in our families, and even making chocolate chip cookies for our little family. Her teacher kept telling us the kids had something extra special to give us on Friday. Better than chocolate chip cookies?!

Yes. Better than chocolate chip cookies.

When the parents walked into the room on Friday, we saw this:

Our precious little ones were wrapped up in wrapping paper they decorated. The gift tag read, "To My Family. From God."

Through my tears, I saw 10 sweet little faces, patiently waiting for their Mommy or Daddy to unwrap their special gift. I walked over to Emma and gratefully "opened" her. In the background, I could hear the teacher telling our children that they were made special by God for our family. Each one of them was precious and individual and handmade by God our Father. I hugged Emma tight and told her I loved her as many times as I could.


I thank God for my children more times than I can count, but in that moment, it was different. It was a physical reminder that this precious little person was something entrusted to me by God. His child in my arms. It took me 27 years to get that gift, and I am going to spend the rest of my life making sure I get to enjoy her -- and my other precious gift -- for eternity.

What a blessing. Two years ago, I spent my birthday in a hospital bed, thanking God that I was alive. This year, He reminded me why I am alive.

Thank you, God.



Jennifer said...

what a beautiful gift :)

M. Fox said...

so sweet. we miss you girls!

mom said...

He is such a wonderful gift-giver and you are proof that He gives us the gifts that keep on giving :-) Thank you for sharing your heart - I love you.