Friday, October 02, 2009

Foto Friday: My Little Ladies

My babies are turning into little ladies. So grown-up I can barely stand it. Emma's reasoning skills could put her straight through law school (and me in the nut hut) and Kendall is working on whole sentences and the fine art of refusal.

Exhausting, yes, but somehow a total joy at the same time. Their hugs are real. The words are straight from the heart. And the giggles we share in our daily dance parties, car-ride sing-a-longs, and hourly Target trips (kidding...sort of) keep my heart young and alive.

They actually play together now. Sure, sometimes that means Kendall jacking Emma in the head with a teapot as Emma tries to snatch her princess crown, but I also catch moments -- real moments -- of sharing and caring and love. Moments I haven't orchestrated but that come from a love they have for each other. And nothing makes my heart sing more.

This is all so trite, I know, but I can't help it. Look at them!!! Aren't pigtails supposed to make them look younger?!?




Jennifer said...

they are getting so big! I can't wait for Samantha to have that love for a sister or brother

i am not said...

I try really hard to instill in them that they have built in best friends and they are SOOOOO lucky to have sisters. I see more sharing and loving moments now that school has started again - they miss each other! I also have to remind myself that my sister and I were not even friends until I got married, so I can't have unrealistic expectations. I'm hoping, though, that they don't carry on that tradition in our family and that as we work at being a family they will naturally be good friends.

i am not said...

By the way - those moments that you describe seem to make all of the frustrations and exasperations worthwhile. Isn't it fun to watch them interact?

grandma said...

They have great models! But do you think we could slow down the growing up thing? A treasure to behold, but I have trouble keeping up!