Friday, October 15, 2010








S   M   I   L   E!


grandma said...

You have just made my day, heck my whole week!!! Love those little beauties ;-)

Jennifer said...

and what 3 beautiful little ladies they are :)

Jodi said...

Hi Lisa!
I have been catching up on the SB blog, and then linked to yours and marveling at your beautiful girls.

Crazy crazy crazy... we have a lot in common. I have two BEAUTIFUL girls, 4 and almost 2, the youngest born with SB. And her name is.... BROOKLYN HOPE. She was born Dec 9, 2008 and is a total delight to Mommy, Daddy, Big Sister, and anyone else who happens to see her light up every room she enters. And funny, from the first blog post I wrote about her in July of 2008, we've called her our "rockstar." :)

I've been catching up on YOUR Brooklyn, and I also see that we share a faith in an AMAZING God who never lets us go. I am thrilled that she has come through her recent surgery well, and I feel honored to pray for your family and your Brooklyn Hope. If you have a sec, be-bop on over to my blog from Texas and our Brooklyns can become "friends." Be encouraged, Mommy... you're AMAZING!!!