Wednesday, July 13, 2005

34-Week Appointment and Baby Julian!

We had our 34-week appointment yesterday, and it was pretty uneventful. My belly is measuring right where it should be, and the doctor is happy with my sugars. I only gained a 1/2 lb since my last appointment 2 weeks ago, which made me a little nervous, but the doctor said that's fine (and probably due to the fact that I am now living off of chicken and salad! :o). We quickly went over the ultrasound again, and he was really happy with the baby's weight and size. The baby is "in position" as they say, so hopefully he or she doesn't decide to flip around in the next (gulp!) 6 weeks. Our next appointment is in 2 weeks, and after that, we have to go in every week. That's when the countdown really begins!

As most of you know, we had our first shower last weekend, and it was absolutely wonderful. My sister and family put so much time and thought into every detail that it was truly unforgettable. One of the highlights was hearing my grandma yell, "My water broke!" when her baby ice cube melted. Never thought I'd hear those words from her mouth!! :o)

And everyone's generosity was so overwhelming. My aunts are the best (or should I say the "great"est!! :o) – Jeff and I feel beyond blessed to have a family that is so excited for us. I just hope you all know how much we appreciate everything! Honestly, I feel like we pretty much have all our "gear" right now, so I guess we just need a baby! :o)

Speaking of babies, I wanted to let you all know that my girlfriend Cara in Maryland had a little boy on Monday. She actually went into labor about 6 hours before her induction appointment, but ended up having a C-section. He was a big boy -- 8 lb and 15 oz -- and after many hours of labor, the doctor decided this baby wasn't coming out without a little help. Thankfully, baby and Cara are doing great. She even called me two hours later and sounded pretty alert (although tired!). She'll be in the hospital until Friday, so please say a prayer for a fast recovery.

This new little one is named Julian Ridley Schrock. He is really special to me because even though we live 14 hours way, Cara and I actually started our little pregnancy journey together -- without even realizing it. During a weak moment via email, we both admitted that we were "trying" -- something we hadn't told anyone (except our spouses of course!). About a month or two later, she got pregnant, and a month after that, we did, so we've literally been in this together since the beginning. We were even the first ones to know when she and Brian got pregnant, so Julian has been on my mind since day one. I'm so thankful he's finally here and healthy! I am also grateful to Cara for all of her support along the way. Only someone going thru pregnancy at the same time as you can truly understand all the fears and questions you have, and give advice that is actually helpful. She has been an answer to prayer more than a few times!

Well, that's it for now. Stay tuned for a few shower pictures. We love you all!

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Mama C-ta said...

Thank you so much for thinking of us (and the flowers!) All your thoughts and prayers really helped us out.

I can't wait to see some shower pics, it sounds like it was such a great time. I really missed out :(